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Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by clydechatlon, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. clydechatlon

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm new to this forum and have a bunch of questions about my new dog. I found Clyde and instantly knew he was at least mixed with a Presa. We are awaiting the DNA test to confirm how much of him is indeed Presa Canario. This is my second day considering him as my dog since finding him a month ago. I posted flyers everywhere and even on craigslist to find his owners. He looked to be an abused stray right out of the gate. Taking him to the vet confirmed it. I have a million questions about this breed but my main concern is what is the best food to feed him. He is approximately six months old and tried to date back his birthday by teeth sizes by the vet as around July 10-29th of 2017. He is weighing 61 pounds but when we found him he was way below that. My concern is if I am over feeding him since it was an extreme jump within the month of owning him? Or am I slowly getting him to his target weight. I have been scouring the internet for hours to find nothing but mixed opinions from sleazy websites that want to sell you something. I am looking for someone to share with me experiences and opinions. Maybe even some facts of what worked for their dog. Please I am in desperate need to make sure this puppies life turns around and want to give him the best my money and time can offer.

    Thanks in Advanced!
    Jae and Clyde
  2. Nik

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    Do you have any photos to share preferably standing profile. The easiest way to judge if you are feeding correctly is by body condition. The other thing to watch is the poop. If the poops are super squishy it could be an issue of over feeding.

    I like to use dogfoodadvisor to get food recommendations whenever I am making a change.
  3. clydechatlon

    clydechatlon New Member

    I am doing a raw diet right now. And letting him graze over dry blue buffalo. I have him on bully max supplements and something for joints. His poop is actually very normal looking with what I am feeding him right now. So I'm hoping thats a good sign. Right now it's too cold so I can't really work him out like I want to. But I am also taking him on walks twice a day.

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  4. Boxergirl

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    Honestly, I feel that he could take a little bit of weight off. I'm not seeing any ribs and no tummy tuck. Is there a reason you have him on bully max? He looks young in the pictures. How old does your vet think he is?
  5. Nik

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    I agree with Boxergirl. He does look a little over weight. It is a good sign that the poops are solid but ya the body condition looks as if it need to trim down a bit.
  6. DennasMom

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    Looking at the ingredients in Bully Max... I like that they include the reasons for why everything is in the can, but this... this just makes me laugh:

    "Silica Aerogel: Made mostly of air and skin-healthy silica, this ingredient does an amazing job of inhibiting bacterial adhesion—keeping your Bully Max clean and safe from germs."

    Made "mostly of air"?? ROFL!

    It also contains a calcium supplement - which is NOT recommended for mastiff puppies under 1 year old.

    Also - If you thought you could train a Presa the same as a pitbull, you might want to do a little more research... subjecting giant breed dogs to intense workouts as puppies is normally NOT recommended for long term health. I have an EM, not a Presa, so I could be way off base, but subjecting a 6 month old Presa puppy to daily workouts sounds like a recipe for disaster, to me.

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