cane corso crop pics pls

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by richh789, May 28, 2012.

  1. Aplatitsin

    Aplatitsin New Member

    They do that only for neos because there called the head breed they don't do it for corsos
  2. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    One of Cribs flopped down when she started teething, which is pretty normal. It went back up at around 5 months, I never posted.
  3. Aplatitsin

    Aplatitsin New Member

    That's whats happening with my pup
  4. Dogue

    Dogue New Member

    Thx Aplatitsin!
  5. jersey girl

    jersey girl New Member

    @richh789....I emailed my breeder for the information. Once I hear back from her I will send you a message. A good crop can make such a difference IMO, it can really show off their head well. From what I hear they no longer teach vets ear cropping in vet school any longer. It's a dying art :)
  6. Aplatitsin

    Aplatitsin New Member

    No problem
  7. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    Yes please. Good to know if there is a vet here actually familiar with corsos.
  8. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    Sorry I couldn't even focus on those buttons when looking at that dog :( I haven't ever seen buttons used on the ears but maybe it depends on the vet and what they were taught.
  9. richh789

    richh789 New Member

    Jerseygirl, pm sent
  10. Mickey48

    Mickey48 New Member

    His eye!:scared:
  11. Kandie

    Kandie New Member

    That ^^^ Omg :(
  12. DDBsR4Me

    DDBsR4Me New Member

    Yeah I couldn't stop looking at it either...omg
  13. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    OH! I didnt even see his eye! No wonder he looks like such an unhappy puppy.
  14. OwlSong

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    That dog looks horrible!!
  15. snelly40

    snelly40 New Member

    I think this one shows my CC's crop the best, bell curve and according to guidelines. I like this crop much more than the "battle" crop which is much much shorter and close or the "doberman" crop which leave the ears much higher. This way accentuates the jaws and expressions and allows him to literally move his ear 180 degrees so he is always aware of his surroundings :)
    nero 4.jpg
  16. grazefull1

    grazefull1 New Member

    20120324_195723.jpg 20120402_140406.jpg 20120501_134038.jpg 20120702_002627-1.jpg
    i think mines has a very short cut compried to his head lol but his left ear still sticks to his head n i think it will stay that way he is already 9mon1/2 so there no looking back lol

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  17. moonglow

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    Here are some before, during and after standing crop pics of Rolex:





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  18. OwlSong

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