Beware of Red Dragon Kennel (Korea)

Discussion in 'Tosa Inu' started by franchotte, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. franchotte

    franchotte New Member

    Dear All,

    Please beware of purchasing from the said kennel. Was scammed for two Tosa Inu puppies. Here are other details:
    RED DRAGON KENNEL – Neapolitan Mastiff & Tosa Inu & Dosa KOREAN MASTIFF
    Kim Lee
    Songpa Gu, Songpa Dong 150-1
    ShiKo 18112
    Phone: 821196757878
    Fax: 8224773056
    Korean Mastiff Dosa, Dosa Korean Mastiff, Mee-Gyeon Dosa Breeders Kennels & Tosa Inu Dogs
    Presidents: Min-Woo, Lee & Yong-Ho, Kim
    Address: 136-12, Yeosu-city, Jeollanam-do, Korea
    Tel: +82 61 288 2514
    Joo Eun Sang

  2. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry you got taken...

    And not to rub salt in the wound, but just looking up this "kennels" name in Google resulted in quite a few warnings.

    Which is a good reminder for potential buyers to do their homework.
  3. allsierra123

    allsierra123 New Member

    They are pretty heavily into fighting by what I can make out of there page. That is there culture but I cant say as I would support it by buying a pup from them.
  4. TosaInu

    TosaInu New Member

    Ive just been suckered too. Red Dragon Kennels (South Korea), said they would send the dogs within 2 days of receipt of funds and instead is demanding more funds. They are a scam. I also spoke to a recipient of his puppies in the Cech republic and was told that the females that he was finally sent, for breeding, were sterile..PLEASE BEWARE OF RED DRAGON KENNELS..
  5. SadieMaeTosa

    SadieMaeTosa New Member

    Sorry to hear that news. When we bought our Tosa we had to Western Union the money and felt very unsure how it was ultimately to work out. However, we were fortunate to have a great buying experience and before you know our little girl was on her way. We originally looked at in Canada and then searched on under Tosa Inu and settled on If you have any questions or concerns on our breeder please PM us.
  6. ZEBO75

    ZEBO75 Member

    Red Dragon has been known for many years to be scam artist. They use pics from Mojak and Tourukai who are well respected dogmen in Korea. These pics are posted without their approval. Thy steal pics of other people dogs and use these pics for false advertisement. Yes Red Dragon Kennel is a fraud and are on front street for this reason. The word is out!
  7. CanadaTosa

    CanadaTosa New Member

    I once met a breeder at a dog show, and he got two Dosas from them after a LOT of hassle. These dogs looked nothing like the big wrinkly Dosas on their site. In fact they looked more like extra wrinkled Tosas than Dosas. The male and female he had were so similar looking, I'd bet they were brother and sister. I know he bred them a couple times, but not sure what ever happened to him or the breed in North America.

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