Barking at only certain strangers - she don't like them!?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Zeela, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    Zeela is usually friendly to strangers, however, just recently we were at the dog park & 2 separate instances, where she would not stop barking at some guy with here hair standing up on her back (you all know what that signal is) & again at some lady. Both times I had to take her out of the park, I did not need her to attack them.
    anyway, just was curious if you think it is some kind of instinct like that person is no good or a scent of them or??? (by the way, the guy was a little
  2. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Kryten can be like that. Every once in a while he takes a dislike to someone for reasons I can't see. Sometimes in retrospect I can find a possible trigger but other times nothing. He is really good about standing down when told to, so when he doesn't I take more notice and listen to him. Once away from that individual he calms down, as long as I don't move back that way. He is determined to protect me from that person for whatever reason he has.
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  3. glen

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    Mine do the same at certain people i can get them to stand down, theres one man that walks past our property they all hate, i cant see why iv even been to talk to him so the boys can see im ok with it but no change, iv got to admit though he seemed a bit strange. I listen to the boys instincts
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  4. Bailey's Mom

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    Have to weigh in here...

    I've posted about Bailey's attack mode once before, but she hasn't forgotten and continues her hatred of that person. We have a neighbour, who has moved in with the mother of his child, and awhile ago there was a party in our condo complex which both my husband and he attended. When my husband came home he brought two friends for a nightcap. I was in bed with Bailey, but she went into overdrive, and barred the way into the living room from the hallway. She wouldn't let my husband in or the one neighbour she was very friendly with, she block the path, hunched down, hair up, snarling and barking, and her bark was ALL BUSINESS. Up until then, I'd never seen anything like this from her. She wasn't blocking her Dad and she wasn't blocking Danny, and she hadn't lost her mind, it was something was the other man.

    And this hatred continues even now months later. That man can't walk past our house without Bailey giving him the business. And yesterday, he was putting garbage out for pick up and passed us while we were sitting outside with our two dogs. Kaleb was called back easily, but Bailey got within inches and was full on threatening him. I finally got her under control and back beside me, but she lunged again when he walked back. I sought to assure him that Bailey is gentle, good-natured dog,, she thinks he's a really, really, bad man. I TRUST HER JUDGMENT. And my husband has been told that that man isn't allowed in our house. I don't know what is wrong with him, but Bailey and God know and he's in their bad books.

    Trust Your Dog...they can smell the bad intent on people.
  5. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I agree, dogs can sense things that we don't. Our EM mix Buster would pick up on bad intentions. I would think he was over reacting, but each time he proved to be right in the end. Some men could walk right up to us, and he would be content, but a lot of men would be met with a warning bark. And some he would bark at non stop. I started to notice he never let men who had been drinking or intoxicated anywhere near us. I began to trust his instincts.
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  6. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    With Kryten some drunk people are ok but most need to stay back, especially drunk women. People that show any signs of fear get thoroughly told to stay away, which really doesn't help since it just makes them more fearful so he becomes more instant that they stay away.
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  7. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    I agree with, they must just have a good sense of instinct. I know that I do as well, when someone is around that just gives you that bad feeling...funny, how we and our dogs are more in tune with the flowing energies of good & bad. Thanks all for sharing.
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