Back Legs Stiff and Weak

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Mustang9846, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Mustang9846

    Mustang9846 New Member

    My EM is 5 months old. When he stands up after laying down for an extended time his back legs are stiff and weak. Has anyone else seen this? My vet doesn't seem concerned about it but it scares me.
  2. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Can you catch a video of it?
  3. Mustang9846

    Mustang9846 New Member

    I will tomorrow. I don't think it will happen again today he is usually active in the evenings.
  4. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    How old? My gilr is 9 1/2 and she has trouble with one leg after lying for period of time, but that's arthritis.
  5. Mustang9846

    Mustang9846 New Member

    5 months
  6. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    I see lots of dogs kinda stretch when they stand up. They keep their legs straight and kind of lean forward. Is that what you are talking about? If so I wouldn't worry about it, he's just stretching. Vid would help for sure.
  7. Mustang9846

    Mustang9846 New Member

    No, I've seen lots of dogs do that too but this is different. I took a video but it won't let me post it. It reminds me of an old man trying to walk, they are very stiff. Twice they actually buckled on him. It scares me.
  8. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    I would see a vet, especially with a pup that young

    STEVSH New Member

    My catahoula has had this her entire life. She has spinal arthritis. Even as a pup, she would get up and be very stiff when walking for the first few steps. Now she is 9 and has no feeling in her back paws because of the progression. The vet can flip her feet over and she will just leave them there. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for her except for pain medication. I would suggest a vet visit as well.

    I got her at five months, and the shelter owner was pretty sure she was thrown against a wall or something. It was an abusive situation no matter what though.
  10. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Upload it to either youtube or photobucket and then just post the link if you can't get the embed function to work.
  11. Mustang9846

    Mustang9846 New Member

    I was on top of it with my vet at is 1st appt and brought it up at every appt after that. Maybe I need to get another opinion from another vet. I'm not home now, will work on the video when I get home.
  12. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Next time, if you have a smart phone or tablet, load the video on it to show the vet.
  13. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    Definitely switch vets or get a second opinion.
  14. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Posting for Mustang9846:


    I want the opinion of some of you EM folks. I'm not sure I like that wobbly stance, but I've never worked with a young EM either.
  15. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    It reminds me a lot of how my senior cat used to walk after her muscles had atrophied due to age and health. Makes me wonder if he has some sort of disorder with muscle development.
  16. jcook

    jcook New Member

    I'm no expert, but that doesn't seem normal to me. I'd get a second opinion. Sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
  17. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    OMG there is something really wrong here. Get him to a new VET as soon as you can. Not even my older arthritic dog moves that bad. I would have forced the issue with the vet when your pup had buckled.
  18. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    First, find a new vet, second, make an appointment. That is NOt normal. You may need a specialist but I can't imagine a vet thinking that is ok! It may be so simple as pano but he should identify it as not normal.
  19. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    I agree, a second opinion is definitely in order. Duchess will sometimes be a little stiff from sleeping for a long time but usually comes right out of it. What your pup is doing worries me. Please keep us posted!
  20. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Find a way to take that video with you to the new vet too. The video says it WAY better than the description.

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