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    This is an excellent resource.

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. ruby55

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    Couple of questions...I'm asking because I'm in on whelping very often at work; I like to see the different methods used.
    I assume the "hormone shot" mentioned after pups were delivered was oxytocin, correct?
    Did you experience any problems with mom's milk coming in, since the delivery was C-section?
    Last but not least, do you know if the techs kept track, or do YOU keep track, of the birth order of the pups?
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    thanks Darren, Ruby you are right, it was a clean out shot of oxytocin. We had checked her milk the night before and it was in, on her last pregnancy it was 3 days before delivery date that it came in.. honestly, birth order is something I had not considered, why would it be important to note?
  5. DDSK

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    Maybe a stupid question, but how do you tell which pup was sired by which dog?
    Would you need to do a DNA test on all the pups?
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    Very enjoyable watching and reading this info and seeing the progression from a.i too 8 weeks!

    How lucky will the owners be when they get their pups! Everything from potty training- o.b will be easier with the exposure they received from birth..

    Great job!!
  7. ruby55

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    Some people have the notion that pups' temperament might have something to do with birth order. I firmly believe it's b.s. But we always try to track birth order, in case something comes up later in neo development. For instance we just had a litter that was going well when we got a pup stuck in the birth canal. Emergency C-section. The pup right behind the stuck pup- and I mean RIGHT behind the stuck pup, ended up with severe vision problems, and for the first few weeks of life, we were afraid he had cerebral palsy. He outgrew the spasms & tremors, but he appears to be blind in one eye.
    We keep extremely accurate records on each birth & litter, & refer back to the prior whelps when a mom comes in. We try to avoid c-sections, but if there's a hint of a problem with the pups or mom, we operate.
    I should explain that I work with a service dog organization that has its own breeding program. Moms usually have 3 litters, then are retired.
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    If the order is important, then it is only important during a natural whelp.
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    the pups were DNA'd at 3 days, the results show that Waay Mo was sire to 4, Rogue to 1 and there is one male we are waiting on further genome testing thanks BH, it's something we take quite serious
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    Excellent information! Can I share it on another forum?
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    thanks Shelia, of course Vicki... may I ask where?
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    Thanks a lot, for sharing....
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    Thank you!
    I also have pitbull-chat.com and game-dog.com forums
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