Wild hair Mutt

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by Hector, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Gave him a bath. Sometimes he wakes up looking like this, it's hilarious!


    But he doesn't look so bad after being combed


    A short video of how he got his wild hairdo (hair dryer alert - noisy).

    hairdryer - YouTube
  2. Oscar'sMom

    Oscar'sMom Well-Known Member

    Hahahahahaa he looks just like Teen Wolf!!
  3. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Oh, Please tell me you don't call him The Don!!!
  4. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    What a cutie! I like the first look!
  5. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAHA he's so cute!
  6. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    LOL- bed head. :)

    Re: the video- I do the same thing when I dry my hair...head down, head up, head down...
  7. Liz_M

    Liz_M Well-Known Member

    He's ridiculously cute.
  8. DDSK

    DDSK Well-Known Member

    That guy needs a haircut lol
  9. Jakesmum

    Jakesmum Well-Known Member

    OMG I just love him!!!! That's adorable!
  10. TricAP

    TricAP Well-Known Member

    OMG - the first on needs to be turned into a meme that says"I don't do mornings!" He is too cute!!! :D
  11. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    His hairdo reminds me more of Donald Trump!! lol
  12. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    I think that'd be perfect!
  13. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Thanks all! He is a funny little guy.
  14. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    That pup is so adorable, looks full of character,
  15. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Thanks Glen! He's definitely different.
  16. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Moderator

    What breed is he?
  17. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Am really not sure, perhaps a lhasa apso shitzu mix.
  18. Yamizuma

    Yamizuma Well-Known Member

    Too funny! He's so darn cute...much cuter combed out than The Donald!

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