When to start running with your mastiff

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    Hi all,

    I believe this question can probably be best answered by Marke but everyone please feel free to jump in and contribute.
    My DDB Fódhla is now 17months old and I would like to know if we are approaching the right age for me to introduce her to running with me.
    I do a minimum of three 5km runs per week but will do at least one 7.5km or 10km also.
    I do not run Fódhla at the moment but when out for on-leash walks I occasionally quicken to a jog for maybe 100m or so. Her gait usually goes from walk to amble to pace but only very very rarely does she get into a trot.
    I would have thought that a trot is most comfortable and efficient movement for a dog, maybe my pace is too slow for her to reach a trot.
    Anyway can you please advise of the best way and at what age to safely introduce running into her exercise routine.
    The surfaces of the areas where I run are concrete, tarmac, grass, sand & rough trail.
    For those using imperial measurement 5km = 3.1 miles, 7.5km = 4.6 miles, 10km = 6.2 miles

    Thanks in advance.
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    I received great advice from marke on this particular subject. Check: “Running Hurt my Boerboel” in the Boerboel Forum. It was very helpful. I started Daisy on a long lead at 6 months. Her natural gait is a trot. We’ve been “trotting” about 1.2 miles every morning and evening since then. She’s is 13 months now. There are plenty of times when she pulls me-it’s terrible leash manners but she seems to get great exercise (as well as Me)-and other times that she trots by my side. I save the longer runs for myself and leave her at home. Like marke mentioned in the Boerboel Forum- every dog is different. Hope this helps and happy running!
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