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What Would You Do if Your City Banned Your Dog's Breed?


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england i think has the longest list of banned dogs ....i think they ban dalmatians but however they did not ban the CAO:) ...but i dont live in england.
there are so many mastiff , bully breeds, molosser shepherds etc... so they might as well ban all dogs:)
the sad thing is that many dog owners agree with these laws...i was on another forum that has all kinds of dogs..and most of the members attacked me and criticized me because i was proud that my Volka showed protective and defensive behaviour when a stranger was verbally aggressive with me...


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Re: What Would You Do if Your City Banned Your Dog’s Breed?

Wish it was that easy, taisa899. In the U.S., we do not believe in holding individuals accountable. In the U.S., we believe it's society's fault.

If everyone would just do the right thing, we would not need BSL's. Meaning, treat all animals and humans with respect.

I know this is an old post, but reading through it, Musicdeb's quote struck a nerve. I think this lack of accountability is the root of many (if not most) evils in the U.S.A., especially the attitude of entitlement that many walk around with today. Ok, end of rant. Stepping down from the soapbox.


aaaw catia I feel so sorry for the area you have to live in =(

I also agree with BSL as a needed law for certain areas just like that. Or if someone wants to get a pit (whatever breed) after that is passed they need to make sure they have the money for trainers, vet bills, neutering and spaying, and be forced to take a series of tests and carry a license in their wallet that they passed all of the criteria. Also, ANY dog above a certain size in my opinion needs to be muzzled while being walked in public. it is just common courtesy. You never know who will be afraid of your dog for the sake that it's a dog. But I also don't agree that if you had the dog before the law was passed that you should be grandfathered in to it.

But if you live in a BSL area and knowingly get the breed that is banned, get caught, then be sad that you got caught and they killed your dog is idiotic! I watched that documentary and that was a lot of the things that happened. DUH PEOPLE. Don't put yourself through that!

If they had a BSL against CC's in my city I don't know what I would do. We bought this house with a mortgage loan two years ago. We don't have the option to just move...I don't want to think about it. Thank god I live in a little city!

I was scared when I would first walk my son in his stroller because down the road from me seems to be a HUGE black family that has I don't know how many pit bulls. Every time I pass their house they have a different one changed outside. But then my fear subsided because they are very respectful with how they handle their dogs. If their dogs bark or growl at you they will right away say no and take the dog in to the house and apologize!

I just got lucky we found this house in this area. But we wanted one in the country....But all of the country ones were too dilapidated for us to be able to fix up. We needed one we could move in to asap and that was this one.

I didn't write this to make anyone mad it's just my own opinions. But I do agree and feel for Catia =(

AZ Boerboel

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If they banned them in my area? Lol. Molon Labe. She'll meet you at the door with my families answer with me right behind her.


When a breed get banned here in Norway the breeders is allowed to breed theyr planed pups and those who has the breed can live with it till its end but cant mate it. But i think the dangerious dog alert has calmed down a bit and people in general have better understanding and seems to blame owner instead of theyr dogs. And in general it doesnt seems to bring down the bite statstics or stopp the dog fighting sports by banning different breeds. So i dont think any other breeds get banned here for some years.