What age fila still accepts new people?

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by Finfila, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. Finfila

    Finfila New Member


    Im new here and i have 4.5 months old female.

    She has been "ok" with new people for now, not loving them straight away but ok.

    There are a few relatives id like her to be ok with later on and they have not met her yet.

    Untill what age she accommodates new contacts?

    Your experiences, please :)
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  2. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum, i cant help you as fila banned here in the uk, but its my dream breed, please post a pic of the pup.
    Im sure someone with advice will be on shortly.
  3. Finfila

    Finfila New Member

    Thank you for your reply glen!

    I can understand this breed is/could be banned, it requires a very responsible owner. We are working on every day with socialization, but this is defenitely a breed for a person who is willing to work work with thw dog :)
  4. onyxbfly

    onyxbfly Member

    My cousin has had Fili all her life. She said 6-8 months. Which is typical of most mastiff breeds.
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  5. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think all dogs need an owner who is going to look into the breed they want, my personal exsperience with the ccs is very similar, not one is the same, they need socialising, but this doesnt mean they want to be touched by every passing person.we still train every day at the ages they are, dogs shoulfnt be banned, bad owners should be.
    Weve had a few fila owners on the forum, please post a pic of your pup, they are a stunning breed.
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  6. Finfila

    Finfila New Member

    I tried posting a photo but i need to edit them they are too big.

    My pup is 6.5 months old now. This far.. she has grown out of most of the anxiety problems. We go to dog park everyday. She is not dominant, only wants to play. If someone play too rough on her she shows teeth then goes away.

    On people. She does not want to be touched by strangers. She will go to sniff people and lets some pet her a little. But she turns into bichon frisee when she notices a child..

    We have been socializing 100% of time, all kinds of unfamiliar and strange situations.

    We will see how she grows up. My goal is to make her life as nice and as little stressed as possible.

    Plus she loves food. All food. Every food. This far, no allergies :)

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