What’s your best advice for someone with a new CC puppy?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Jago19, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Jago19

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    Hi all,

    I am just curious as to what advice you would give to someone bringing home their first CC puppy? Or anything you wish someone would have told you back when you got your fur baby!

    My 15 week old boy has been with us seven days today & I’m utterly besotted with him, he’s not the first stubborn big breed dog I’ve owned but he is completely different compared to my old dog in every aspect. His new thing is refusing to go for a walk, once we get going he’s fine and super excited it’s just the initial part of it.

    We originally planned to not crate train him as we have a spare bedroom we made into his bedroom for bed time however we have changed our mind & his crate comes today thank god!

    so please anything you think is useful to know or would have helped you to have been told in the past is appreciated hugely!
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  2. glen

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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new pup. I have ccs.
    Enjoy the puppy stage they sure grow fast.
    Yes id crate train. All mine are crate trained, not only is it a safe place for them, but its my safe place for them if i need them away, or vets ect.
    Start training on day 1, what you dont want a fully grown cc to do dont allow the pup to do, i cleaned ears, filed nails groomed, sit,stay down,leave it,freeze,here. A well trained cc is a pleasure to own.socialise but that doesnt mean he will like everyone approaching or touching, my middle one doesnt, but we can take him everywhere. I dont do dog parks.
    But the main thing is enjoy, i love this breed, loyal to family, gaurding, which came natural,
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  3. marke

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    i couldn't add to glen's perspective on socializing and training it's excellent , and would be better than mine .
    on health , treat all pups as though they are dysplastic , regardless of whether they are or aren't ....... don't worry about whether they are dysplastic or not , hd is very seldom a death sentence ........ usually if you don't check , you would never know ..... nothing a vet can do if you do know , at least nothing i've ever seen proven to work ... dogs are meant to be on their legs , the more they are , the better they're joints turn out ....... keep a pup strong all through their growth , don't wait for that 25lb puppy to be 125lbs to start exercising him .....24/7 free range pups have better hips , most folks can't have "free range" pups , so as much low impact exercise as you can give them is best for them .....i've known folks who weight pulled their dogs at world class/world record level , they'd starts weight pulling their puppies at 8-10 weeks .....learn or know the difference between low impact and high impact exercise ....... drag pulling chains , low impact ..... walking uphill or up stairs , low impact ...... walking , low impact ....... slow trot , low impact ....... fetch , high impact , torque ....... flirt pole , high impact , torque ........spring pole , proper height , low impact .......... i've lost one dog in my life to hd , it was my fault for what i allowed that pup to do ...... the dog standing at the fence and the 12yr old are the same dog , he was diagnosed as a moderately dysplastic dog at 2yrs ...... i've had many problem free dysplastic dogs , i attribute that to lots of proper exercise ...... i've also never had a dog tear an acl .....




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  4. Richie

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    Congratulations on your new puppy. I'm also new to CC and like you I've owned other large breed dogs. My puppy is 21 weeks old. The one thing I'm learning to deal with is the stubbornness. While researching the breed, part of what made me fall in love with them is reading how much they want to "please" their parent. So far, it seems he really wants to please himself and if I'm pleased in the process than great. I'm big into training via rewards/treats and not rewarding the behavior I don't approve of... What I wish someone would have told me is to "correct" when I know he knows the correct thing to do but chooses to ignore me or chooses to do the opposite. For example: Inside the house if he is laying down, when I give the "Come" command sometimes he will roll his eyes toward me to acknowledge he heard me but will then roll his eye away from me and totally ignore me. In that instance I will not use a treat to encourage him because that's not training, that's bribery. So, I have to put a leash on him and encourage him to do what I asked him to do. There probable should be a corrections for this but I'm not sure what's appropriate.

    All in all, it's a great breed I'm glad I have one... they are very loving and being around you is what's most important to them.

    As far as the walks, I experienced the same thing. I just felt the puppy didn't wanting to leave the place where he felt safe. He was always looking back at the house.... once we were past the house he was fine... sort of. During the first leg of the walk he lagged behind and on the return home he pulled a little bit, as if he was in a hurry to get back to the house. The good news is, that stopped about a month ago. So,keep working with your puppy and it will eventually pass.
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  5. Jago19

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    Thank you both for you fab replies. I am very much aware that my fur baby is going to be a big boy. I’m very cautious with regards to his joints because of the risk of HD in the breed. I have him on a joint supplement since he arrived in our care. I was concerned about his hips as some times he looks odd but he doesn’t care to run around if I allowed it I prefer to just walk the legs off of him persay instead of letting him rough and tumble, he doesn’t care to stand on his back legs on our dog gait which makes me think his hips are okay as of right now & fingers crossed they stay that way.

    We’ve only had him for seven days today but he has sit down to a fine art as well as wait and leave it. He’s a bit selective at the moment when it comes to come here and lay down but we are working on it and are looking into finding a great puppy class in our area as we don’t want to end up being bad ‘parents’ by not helping build him into a well balanced, obedient boy.

    He’s been on a lovely adventure today we look him to our local pets at home shop where he got to meet lots of people of all ages and lots of different dogs of all ages. He handled the mass stimulation really well, you guys are definitely right that he won’t be open to everyone he was happy with some people fussing him and more stand offish with others but never reacted negatively which was great and we were sure to praise him on it too. We’ve come to realise after a wet soggy walk in our local nature park that he’s a very fond bird chaser which I am keen to nip in the bud quickly as I don’t want to be trying to stop a huge dog from lunging at or chasing after birds in the future.

    thank you so much for you advice. This forum is amazing & you are all so welcoming.
  6. Jago19

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    Wow. I feel like I could have wrote this. The stubbornness is real! Our Romeo is exactly the same he knows the commands but doesn’t always want to do it. It’s something we need to work on and we are hoping puppy classes will help with that.
  7. Wonder Dogs

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    You can have our professional trainers start working with your new CC puppy as soon as they are brought home!

    Our experienced dog behaviorist Orange County are on hand to support you in the early stages of training your puppy. Contact us to arrange a visit to your property where our trainers would be delighted to meet you and your puppy. We can then learn more about your experience with dogs and what you and your puppy would like to achieve. Our dog behaviorists are able to work with dogs of all breeds. We hope you will find our training insightful and supportive and one that builds confidence in handling your new little friend effectively.
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  8. sadhbhsdad

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    WOW looks extremely fit and functional.
    Marke have you more photos and info ?
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  9. Jago19

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    thank you but I’m in the U.K. so you’d have yo travel a bit far to help us with our puppy training
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