Tug of war and win/lose games

Discussion in 'The Bullmastiff' started by Doglover85, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. Doglover85

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    I recently heard when I do get a puppy, that I should never play tug or any win/lose games. I've never heard of this before. In all the dogs I've had I've always let the puppy win until their teeth were strong enough and they were old enough to actually play. I've always found it becomes their favorite. I also use it for training (drop it, rewards for recall etc) I did some googling and I guess it leads to aggression? Is this just a thing with mastiffs? Or is it an old wives tale. Thanks!
  2. Zeela

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    Never heard of that!
  3. Loverboy Skyline

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    That's how I raise my dogs too. It definitely didn't make my American Bulldogs any more aggressive. What it did do was prepare them for sport protection training. Both my American Bulldogs were great for sport protection, and when I saw many other AB's who weren't, that solidified my believe that tug-of-war is important if you want a protection dog. As far as my Bullmastiff, he is 10 months old now. He still goes to dog parks with no problems. He is still great with house guests. He barks at people who walk by the backyard, but that's what he's supposed to do. He does show more dominance behavior around me than my AB's, but I think he was like that since he was a puppy. Personally, I think if you don't mind a dog that likes to get a bit rough with you then tug-of-war is a good game. I think for people who just want a lazy pet that doesn't bother them to play then maybe they shouldn't play tug-of-war, but that's not me.
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  4. Doglover85

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    Actually I love to get rough while playing with dogs in general, but I ease back with smaller dogs. My sister in law has a corso and we get real rough, but the second I say drop it or no he let's go real quick. I actually heard it from a breeder who said never play win/ lose games with bullmastiff puppies as they won't let you win once they are fully grown. It just seems odd to me, as I believe tug builds confidence and as they get older you can get rougher until you have a full game. I'm of the old school belief that it builds trust, one cause they get confidence in themselves, and two because it's just a bonding experience. My dog now I just say ya wanna fight? And she runs and gets her chew rings and we go at it for a good 20 minutes lol. But she gets super excited. I haven't had a "gaurd dog" yet but I've owned Shepard and pitbulls and it's great to teach non biting, recall, and drop it) I would think with bullmastiffs, it would be the best thing ever because it leads to some rough housing and then belly rubs. Maybe they just said it so people don't unknowingly make their dogs aggressive.
  5. timmy59

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    I'll make a guess, since nowadays there is soy in a lot of food and soy increases the estrogen level.. The term soyboy has even come about, likely from eating the impossible whopper from BK.. That it is not a win win game for men with increased estrogen.. Our pup of 5 mo now has played some tugawar but she is actually more into fetching.. You might check with your doctor on your estrogen level before engaging in such activities.. ;), yes I'm trying to be funny, but there is truth to it as well.. Tugawar is SOP for any dog as far as I'm concerned..
  6. Doglover85

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    I'm looking forward to a game where tug turns into a wrestle and chase session. I miss having a big dog to do that with. The closest I come is my sis in laws corso, who's only 14 months and 140 pounds and still growing. He loves it, like seriously loves it. But once I walk away he just wants belly rubs and to lay across your lap lol.

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