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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by apollo92, Feb 7, 2021.

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    Hello everyone since we have gotten our puppy from 8 weeks (15 weeks now)I have been using pure bites freeze dried beef liver for his training sessions. He absolutely loves them and I like how I can break them into bits. My issue is I have now researched using them as training treats (as the bag says that’s what they can be used for) and I see that to much liver especially beef liver since it is so rich can cause hypervitaminosis a in dogs. I was shocked to see that something I thought was so amazing and safe could be possibly harming my dog. With his raw diet he is getting 10% organs already included in each meal.

    I wanted to know what you guys use for your puppies/dogs as training treats and what you think about using beef liver as a training treat.
    I’m not a fan of freezing his raw food into bits as when I do sessions outside I don’t want raw food all over my hands.

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    Freeze string beans. You can also give carrots.
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    I personally do not use treats for training. I give ALOT of positive encouragement when my Corsos do what I want. They love the encouragement love and hugs..... I don't want them expecting a treat for doing what I say. The liver issue is VERY REAL. I feed a raw diet... i am Very careful with beef or chicken liver.... honestly... I never just use liver for my 10% of organ meat... I do not want to chance it...
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    Usually training treats are high value. Bits of boiled chicken, cheese, hot dogs, etc. Things that the dog doesn't get at other times. Soft is better than crunchy because you don't want a ton of time spent on chewing. As for what Patrick said about using praise, that's great but it probably wont be rewarding enough for every dog. If you have a dog that it does work for, that's awesome. It's important to remember to train the dog in front of you. Find what motivates your specific dog and use whatever that is. Food is a very powerful motivator for most dogs. There's a misconception about using food in training. Done properly the food is phased out and it's not a bribe, it's a reward. I never phase out food rewards completely. My dogs get plenty of praise, but they enjoy the random food reward. Everyone likes a reward sometimes and a surprise of a yummy is good motivation.
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