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Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Israel Blas, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Israel Blas

    Israel Blas New Member

    Does anyone have any tips on what to feed your dogo? She doesn’t always eat her kibble but of course devours any real food like chicken, turkey etc.

    Are there any meal plans with that type of food that you recommend? Rather than me buying so much food at the grocery store. Or is that the best bet?
  2. Sebb

    Sebb Member

    Well my Dogo is still a puppy so I would not call myself an expert but still to answer your question: myself I do not allow dogs to choose what they eat and If they decide not to eat it then so be it, my puppy will eat everything given to her but with my older dog when he was a puppy he tried to get picky with the food given and every time he did not eat I would just skip the meal ( I feed 3-4 times a day when young) and pretty quick he understood that he can either starve or eat what is given to him. I feed kibble and raw meat and some vegetables and joint supplements to both my dogs. High quality food is the key no matter the breed! Good luck with your pup!
  3. Israel Blas

    Israel Blas New Member

    Awesome thanks for the advice! Do you just get raw meat from the grocery store? I️ been cookin the meat but am not opposed to the raw meat.

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