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Three year old tibetan mastiff needs new home


New Member
Hi everyone!I'm William, I need help finding a new home for my dog. I want to find a great loving family to care for her. I'm not sure which website would be the best place to find great loving owners. I live in Los Angeles county in California. Please e-mail me at willwu1230@yahoo.com if you have any advice or would be interested. Thank you! I am looking for a loving family to care for my Tibetan Mastiff (Miu Miu). As much as my family loves her, the city won’t allow for us to have three Tibetan Mastiffs. She is about three years old, has all her shots, around 95 pounds, and shoulder height of 26 inches. I’m looking for a family that could raise her in the most ideal environment. They tend to enjoy the countryside, so a family with a big property, or backyard would be ideal. The Tibetan Mastiff is a rare breed, known for its original function as a guardian for sheep flocks, monasteries, and entire villages. Marco Polo described them as tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as that of a lion. They are especially great guardian dogs, loyal and protective of their family, and livestock. Tibetan Mastiff sheds only once a year, making it a good breed for allergy sufferers.