Thoughts about invisible fencing for 3+ acres

Discussion in 'The Bullmastiff' started by Krazy4dogs, May 8, 2018.

  1. Krazy4dogs

    Krazy4dogs Member

    We live in the mountains and have 4 acres. We would to install invisible fencing on 3 of the acres to keep our bull mastiff male safe from wondering off. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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  2. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    From what I've read, Bull mastiffs have a very high pain tolerance. So depending on how badly he wants to get out, he might endure the shock in order to be free. I have heard a lot of dogs will see something of interest and endure the shock to get to it, then once the excitement is gone, won't be willing to endure the shock to go back in. I've never had an invisible fence, so I'm not sure how well they work. But I know they can be pricey, so I myself wouldn't chance it.
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  3. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    I have the stay and play for my EM. I love it!
    I’m on 3 acres and this gives my girl about 1 and 1/2 acres to play on. I got it because of the coyote pack behind my home and the road. If you do have go and use this you’re going to need to put it on the highest setting.
    April is right Mastiffs have very thick skin.
    I know this because my Vet has to use needles that are meant for pigs and cows. The needles they normally use on large breeds just wasn’t penetrating her skin.
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  4. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Sheila, I have a question. So you put the setting on high to keep your girl inside the fencing area, but don't you still worry about other animals coming in? That would be just as much of a concern to me.
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  5. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I never even thought of an animal getting in. That's a good point...
  6. jtj

    jtj Member

    I was thinking about invisible fence too in conjunction with a split rail and wire fence. Privacy/stockade fence is so expensive. They are actually pretty cheap like $150 I think , then $50 for additional roll of wire , and super easy to install. I know they have a "stubborn dog" one that carries a little more voltage. I looked at home depot, also read all of the reviews. Which were good! All it is , is a slightly buried wire. If you decide to go that route. I would start with a smaller area, and see how it works for your dog before going all out
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  7. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Yes I do... I keep a watch on my dogs, they never go outside without an adult. And I did have another dog come and attack Bella while I was outside.

    I use the stay and play more for a boundary training. We have deer that run threw our back yard a couple times a week with that and the coyote pack that stock my little Sunny.
    I don't want Bella chasing after the deer or other animals past our property. That and I live on a country road and so many drive past going 100 clicks... this stay and play keeps her off the road.

    Now most times I don't have it up to the strongest setting for zapping her now. The warning beep is enough to get her to back off the boundary line. I always take it off her when she is in the house also.
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  8. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Oh and also I really don't worry about another animal attacking her in our yard anymore....
    Now that I have seen what she can do.....
    My dad's last dog, Hogan killed a bear. Dad use to live on the foot of the Rocky Mountains. He came home one day and found all these little pieces of black hair/fur... Dad said that Hogan and shredded the bear so badly he didn't know what it was except that he neighbour came over and told dad he watched the whole seen from his kitchen window.
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  9. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Woah!! Don't mess with Hogan!! Bet your dad was impressed. Bet the neighbors thought, "Oh NO! That bear is gonna kill Hogan!", then Hogan surprised the hell out if em! I'm sure Bella could hold her own, and your not leaving her out all night..

    I would worry about other animals coming in the boundary if leaving a young dog or puppy out all night.
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  10. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Oh heavens no I wouldn't ever leave a dog or cat out all night long.
    Yes dad's neighbour had said he never seen anything like it before that the beer stood up and Hogan lunged at the beer... got the beers head in his mouth and clamped down... the beer was dead instantly!
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  11. trg

    trg Well-Known Member

    That’s what I mean, heaven forbid Gus or Georgia have to go through that but if they had no choice then I would want a robust dog. About two years ago Georgia treed a black bear right behind our house. She was barking up a storm, the bear came down the tree and just sat there and slapped its lips at her then turned and gingerly just walked away. I even shot a gun over the bears back twice thinking it would add a little giddy up in its step, nope, just eased on its way.
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  12. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    That's why dad got into the EMs because of he bears coming to the back door....and the Bears wanted more then a picnic basket.... EMs have been know to take down a Bengal tiger.
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  13. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    Interesting stories, Sheila. I‘ve heard similar things, but nobody could really provide any facts. I‘m not saying you are wrong, but I just cannot see any dog being a match for a tiger. They are way too big, fast, strong, and definitely built to kill.
    How did your dad‘s EM fight that bear?
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  14. jtj

    jtj Member

    whats an EM? I googled em dog, all it comes up with is cannabis strains lol
  15. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    English Mastiff
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  16. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    I figured it was an old brown bear myself..... I can't see a young strong one coming down hat mountain for hunting/foraging. The eye witnesses said the bear reared up on his hind legs and Hoggie charged the bear and lunged up to meet the bear face to face.... The dog grabbed the beats head in his mouth, while hugging the bear with his front paws..... The witness was working his back field fixing fencing, when he seen the bear heading to dads property....their properties butted up at the back....farmer always carried his guns because of the location.... When he spotted the bear he hopped onto his 4 wheeler heading towards the bear.... When he seen Hogan the farmer figured he would have to kill the bear and put down the dog if the dog was still alive when he got to them. Then he seen the fight unfold before him.... His words " there really wasn't a fight, that bear didn't have a chance.".... After that this cattle rancher went and bought 2 EMs from Hoggans breeder.... The very next litter.

    This took place north west of Kamloops BC.
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  17. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Considering Denna won't step past a 2ft tall wire garden fence... the split rail + wire would be MORE than enough to contain her.
    I kinda doubt an invisible fence would bother her much... pain is something you "work though"... not avoid for many of these guardian breeds.

    Especially if there are coyotes around... that would be a major drive to chase ... and potentially keep going past the boundary. Jumping over a fence is a physical decision, not just a mental (pain) decision.
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