So on our walk we found a lost cocker spaniel yesterday!

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    Out of the park was the little guy wandering around. He didn't want people to go up to him, looked like as he was a little shy but he had a collar on (we saw a few people try to catch him). But from down the street he spotted us walking our dog and started running full force to us. Now, Dolly is dog friendly but on leash she pulls to dogs and once you pull her back she shows barrier frustration and may sound like she wants them dead. I started to spin her and walk the other way as I didn't want to see her whole stupid display....However, she grunted once and I quickly released as I would not be able to out run the other dog, so I just stood there lose leash, what would be would be (so he may be lunch he may not! lol).

    It was perfect communication, they sniffed wagging slowly, after she checked him out she lied down so he could sniff her better, he bowed and invited her to play chase...however, she tried but leash was too short. My husband tried to look at his collar but he wouldn't take treats and would shake when we tried to touched, we had no other leash to bring him back. Well he wouldn't follow us or anyone else but he followed our dog and we continued to walk. We finally got to a house around the block and he ran up and kept crying at the door and hitting it. Sure enough we ran the door bell and it was his house....he escaped from the backyard as someone didn't close the clip all the way and he opened it has he kept jumping on it. She was really happy and she didn't even know he was gone yet, our doggy was like...oh I though we could keep him! lol. He did have a collar though and apparently a microchip his owner said so once back home we would of been able to find them. Good he found his way back home and had collar etc but if he didn't lol (even though I am not a fan of big dogs looks like she wanted him and how could I saw no too that).
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    Yeah!!! Happy Ending!!!

    We almost had a cattle dog the other day... he wanted to play with Denna (and she was happy to comply). At one point I was 6" away from snagging his collar, but missed. I never got close again. He took off and was 2 blocks away before I could blink. I saw him 4 hours later about 2 miles in the OTHER direction... not sure if he knew where he was going, but he was too smart to get caught, that's for sure.

    So glad your lost pup found his home! :)

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