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If you notice anything else happening, don't hesitate to post it here though. I have you know about it to try to fix it! :)


Well-Known Member
Post issue still happening. I've refreshed pages 4-5 times. Frustrating.

This is my 2nd time posting this post because I received the usually message to wait even though I had not made a post in more than 5 minutes. I click submit and get a message the token had expired. I had to get back to main forum page and try again.

Let's hope the 2nd time works...

Sadies Mom

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In this particular thread......On the "main page" it says there are two pages, but if I go to the first page, I can only see the first 6 posts and there is no 2nd page. To go to the second page I have to go back to the main page and click on page two.