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Show Me The Money: Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen, Unless You’re Holding Food

Dr. Jen's Dog Blog

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Today, I want to talk about one of the most common struggles I see with my behavior clients and their dogs. Often, they’ve been through a basic obedience class or two, and their pup has learned a few skills. But when they try to apply them in real life, they quickly run into a road block: “Buster is so stubborn! He only listens if I have a treat.” Or, more broadly in casual conversations or online discussions: “You know, that’s...
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Bribes have always been allowed in our house. why? because of this:

"And if your dog already has “show me the money!” syndrome, it’s also pretty darned easy to fix."

We can use bribes today - when company (i.e. extra distractions) are around - and then skip them tomorrow when it's quieter and a firm tone of voice is all that's needed to reinforce that we mean we want it (whatever command) done NOW.

Having a respectful relationship with your dog goes both ways... respect what they want & need, and they listen and respond better... at least, with our guardian breeds this seems to be a good philosophy. :)