Shes so little! Mastiff first heat and a broken door

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  1. New to online searching for answers but i would like some advice.

    Last year i brought a Lady Mastiff home. She is now nine months and going through her first heat. She is small by all charts and so i refused to breed her. She had other plans, she broke through my back door and found a male, with surprising determination. He is a bigger mastiff and, i'm worried. Fixing her now has so many cons but what will happen if she has this litter with her being young and smaller than she is supposed to be? She was stunted before i got her and her growth has been slow. I have no worries on personality as shes super sweet and cuddly. I love my little lady and am trying to find my best options for her benefit. I've had a couple Mastiffs in my time but never have I had one so small. I know she is full blood and her size concerns me.
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    How old is she, can you post a picture of her,
  3. She is nine months old now [​IMG] this month.
    She is much smaller than my other mastiffs.
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    I cant open the image, im sorry i meant to ask what breed of mastiff, i had 3 ccs, all grew at different rates, my middle one kept growing until he was 3. Mine are ccs, so it doesnt mean shes stunted,
    The pregnancy, yes shes young, but it wasnt what you chose for her, and no one knows how a dog is going to cope, be ready to help her if needed, we bottle fed 5 pups when the mum couldnt cope. Not our dog we have males.
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    What does your vet advise? Are you sure she's pregnant? You say she was "stunted" when you got her. Can you tell us more about the situation she came from? Health tested parents over the age of two? I'm sure you also know that a sweet temperament at 9 months doesn't mean issues won't come up at maturity. What about the temperament of the male dog? Health of the male dog? Did he come from health tested parents? It's not just the health of your girl that's at stake here. It's the health and temperament of the pups she'll have.
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