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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by BlackShadowCaneCorso, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I know! I couldn't believe it and it really turned me off that particular breeder in that regard. I like the bloodlines they based on but I would want to speak to several of their references if I ever considered them again.
  2. Cody

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    Aurora's breeder did the same thing. I believe it was 150$ for each temperament and OB/working title and 250$ for a conformation title :)
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    Wow that's awesome.
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    Gonna toss my .02 in here.

    I prefer a contract in alot of ways, but some of the clauses you all have mentioned would throw me off thats for sure.

    Apollo's breeder didn't have a seperate contract for pet vs show pups because she didn't designate that way, what she DOES do was have every pup registered as "not for breeding" untill the owner provides her with the results of hip/elbow/medical testing to prove hips/elbows/eyes/thyroid/general health are in good shape (OFA or Pennhip was fine), and at that point she will change the designation. If you didn't want to breed or show you were under no requirement to have those tests done.

    Spay/neuter was left up to the owner, with the requirement that it could NOT be done before the pup was 10months old, and a new puppy visit was expected to be done within the first two weeks of ownership but could certinally be done by the vet of our choice.

    If the puppy owner EVER decided to give up the dog, for ANY reason they have to contact her and allow her to take the dog. It cannot be sold or even given away without clearing it with her first.

    Either a fenced yard (or run area) or proof that a fence was going in.

    She did not require, but stated a verbal preference for:

    gluten free dog food (raw prefered, but grain/gluten free please)
    a non-standard vaccination schedule (which actually matched MY preferences which was kinda cool)
    regular picture updates
    verbal notification of any medical issues that might have a genetic basis
    if a medical issue was beyond our financial means of coping to please notify her, she'd rather help cover medical bills than have a dog put down or sent back to her with medical issues that now requires major treatment because they weren't treated right in the first place
    She made recomendations as to training, but expected us to make our own decisions
    Crate training

    She did only accept cash, money order, or cashier's checks, but I didn't ask if she'd take Paypal or not. We were given a handwritten reciept for our payment.

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