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Rough play

Dave T

New Member
Hey I have a 7 month old Rotticorso (Baloo)
I have been taking him to daycare 3 times a week and walk , play , obedience train daily.
So at daycare he is not allowed to play with the other dogs. He plays rough humps along with biting the backs Of there necks. Daycare claims that he showing dominance, however our trainer (police K9) claims he is showing his excitement .
Vet claims he is a little puppy in a big dogs body and doesn’t know his own strength.
So my question is , has anyone experienced my situation?
Is this something he will grow out of ?
This is something difficult to correct myself , not being at daycare during his socializing. I have been wanting to socialize him with his Bio father but unable to do to conflicting schedules, and do not know anyone else that had a dog his size and demeanor.



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Super Moderator
Staff member
It could be some of it all, excitement, play, and dominance, he does need to learn its not acceptable as he may do it to a dog that wont tolerate it and a fight will happen, my cc budcuss, he will tolerate a young dogs play, or a dog he knows, but if your dog came and did that it wouldnt end well, he would see it as him trying to dominate him. Bud is different to my others, .
The more you can socialise baloo with other dogs and stop him from doing these behaviours the better, dogs do rough play when young, but a certain age and hormones kick in and it needs to stop.