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    does anyone have a roomba? I was looking at the 650 model because it doesn't cost $1 million dollars and gets good reviews. The problem is I can't seem to find much on the roomba with carpet. Our house is a combo of tile and carpet. I have a dyson and vacuum 2-3 times a week. I don't have time to do it more than that and thought if I had a roomba I could run it and empty it daily and stay ahead of it. I've tried to tell Oscar to stop shedding but that hasn't worked so far ;)
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  3. Oscar'sMom

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    Hahahhaha I've seen that before! I cannot even imagine!
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    Oh my god that Facebook post! Eww!!! Hahaha.
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    We had one of the first versions... but it didn't do well in our house. Too many obstacles (furniture, dog beds, toys, shoes, etc.). We'd have to clean before letting the roomba out of it's 'garage' to do it's thing, and by then, we could have just used the normal vacuum.
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    I laughed my ass(ets) off on this one. Husband couldn't believe it when I told him. Hilarious.

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