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Regarding Banned Members

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It's come to my attention that we have some members upset over the banning or way the banning was handled of certain members. It's specifically stated in the forum rules that we aren't allowed to discuss banned members and why they are banned from the forum, which is understandable since they aren't here to defend themselves. We do not take banning lightly, and its also been brought to our attention that perhaps we have been too lenient with our three strikes policy. There are certain issues that fall under zero tolerance and in that case no we will not wait to issue three warnings. We strive to make the forum a place where all members can feel comfortable and when that is compromised we have to take action. I am more than happy to discuss our ban policy and answer any questions via pm.


We also value confidentiality.

We value all member's confidentiality, active and banned. Moderators are strictly prohibited to discuss why a member was banned with any forum member, other than an Administrator or another Moderator.

We like to keep it dram free here.
Not open for further replies.