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  1. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    Does anyone here read as a hobby? I used to have a Kindle but gave it to my daughter so now I read using the Kindle app on my phone. I love horror stories...the scarier the better, although I have yet to read something that really scares me.

    Anyone else read?
  2. Sadies Mom

    Sadies Mom Well-Known Member

    I read on the Mastiff Forum....LOL
  3. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    I guess that counts. lol
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    I read voraciously. I can't help it. My parents used to joke that if it was words in a row I'd read it....mostly scifi and fantasy here!
  5. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    Ruth, have you ever read the Dragon Prince/Dragon Star series by Melanie Rawn? Those are some of my all-time favorite books.
  6. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    Been a while, but yup!
  7. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    Aren't they awesome? ;)

    Those are the only real books I have. The others are e-books.

    How about the Incarnation series by Piers Anthony?
  8. thelady_v2010

    thelady_v2010 Well-Known Member

    I love to read. I have like 6000 books on my Nook!
  9. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    I could never get into Anthony, his books drove me nuts.....

    Lets see:

    Lois MacMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series

    Patricia Briggs's Mercedes Thompson series

    Jim Butcher's Dresden series and Fury's series
  10. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I read mainly true stuff, bios, memoirs, true crime
    I actually just finished reading Restless souls it is by Sharon Tates family it was really good. Douglas Clegg is a really good horror author
  11. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    I've always been a reader. I remember taking out 20 books on Friday in elementary school and reading them all. I was a cool kid.
  12. raechiemay

    raechiemay Well-Known Member

    I used to read a lot of crime books. They always kept my interest. I hardly ever have any time to read, I'm still trying to finish the Hunger Games books before Catching Fire comes out in the theater.

    I have been interested in possibly reading a few self improvement books maybe something about being independent or self esteem if anyone has any recommendations. I get books on my iPad.
  13. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Love Patricia Briggs. Another favorite is Michelle Sagara's Elantra series.
    I 'read' most of my books lately as audio books on my drive to/from work.
  14. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    Ruth, I haven't read any of the books you've listed. Thanks for the recommendations. Anthony was hard for me to get in to. The Incarnations is the only series of his I liked.

    Thanks cinnamon roll. I'll give him a try.

    Smart, you still are a cool kid. ;)

    Raechie, I loved the Hunger Games series. I know they're meant for young adults and I'm far from that, but they were great books. I still haven't seen the movie yet.
  15. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    Wow! What genre do you like?
  16. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    Oh yah! Forgot aout those!
  17. ParentsofVegas

    ParentsofVegas Well-Known Member

    Used to be a non stop reader. Lost a lot of that habit,
    but something I keep telling myself I need to do.
    Was really into Sci Fi. Robert Heinlein was my favorite.
    Amazing if you go back to some of the stuff
    published in the 50's-60's and see how that fiction has
    now become our every day taken for granted reality.
  18. musicdeb

    musicdeb Well-Known Member

    I've read all the Harry Potter books. I've read The Tao of Poo and Te of Piglet, my most fav books. I'm currently reading The Tao of Forgiveness.
  19. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Well-Known Member

    I read A LOT! I do have a kindle but I LOVE real books so I have thousands of actual hardback books, many new one that I like to read and tons from the 18 - 1900's that I collect.

    I read several different types but my favorites would have to be:

    Stephen King
    Dean Koontz
    James Patterson
    Peter Straub
    Greg Isles

    I alos read a lot of "one off" authors that I have found that are amazing and make me wonder why they didn't continue to write.

    I like Horror, GOOD mystery, Paranormal, Poetry, Astrology, Some "comedy" and Louis Lamour.....I suppose my interests are vast, indeed.

    Anyway, those are the basics.... :)
  20. acain37

    acain37 Well-Known Member

    I LOVE to read Dean Koontz is my favorite, but since I have read every book he has ever written, he can't keep up with my book a day habit.

    I will read anything, I lean toward mystery, thriller, paranormal, but I have never turned down any book, romance, historical fiction, humorous, biography..... I had a friend who was having surgery and she wanted books to read. I gave her a huge box of my books and she called laughing, saying she has no idea what kind of books I like because I read all types.

    My husband loves it because he knows if he buys me a book, I will be happy, as long as I don't already have it.

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