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Puppy update!

Just want you guys to know Rhaegar is doing great! With a lot of nurturing care and consistency he has turned around a lot in a few days hes already going potty outside and even walking on the leash laying down on command and also follows me around everywhere off leash so off leash walking is very easy. I am so happy with this dog and love him so much and hes and he is just a great addition to the family Today is his vet day and I will update this status with his official 4 month old weight today!


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That's excellent! You can use him following you to your advantage. Make next to you the best place to be. I wear a treat pouch and reward every time puppy is in the position I like him in. I also like to reward him looking up at me, or focusing on me. It really will make your loose leash walking easier, imo. Right now he thinks you're the best thing ever. Do what you can to keep it that way. Take a look at the choose to heel method, it might work well for you.