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Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by Jakob, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Jakob

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    So this is my fourth fila pup and I'm right back to forgetting everything about a puppy lol.

    Our last fila died last month of bloat at 6 years old! It was horrible. He didn't eat any more than any other time and he was eating Fromm the foods more expensive than the food I eat.
    So I'm trying to do everything in our power to keep this little guy healthy.

    Curious what you veterans feed and also how much I should feed him. He's about 9 weeks old and weights 28.9 pounds. I've been feeding him 4 times a day and not giving water at the same time. He still seems hungry. Before I would feed him what he wanted but now I'm so terrified of this bloat that I'm unsure of myself. Any help would be great.

    He's a Brazilian cafib type fila not the massive American ones.

    Also would any supplements be beneficial at this age?
  2. Sheila Braund

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    Hi Jakob,
    I can understand you being nervous of bloat.... I feed my girls raw and I use their weight as guide. Growing pup I give 4% of their body weight... now that their full grown I feed normally 2% .... depends also in their activity levels. I do give her human grade diatomaceous earth. I've discovered with giving both my girls this supplement that they don't need the flea treatment.... I've had them both on it now for about 2 yrs now....it seems to help with a lot of things. I'm sure you could also speak with your veterinarian about feeding and supplements

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