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  1. Joel

    Joel Active Member

    Hello All, I have a quick question! We pick our pups Saturday, What toys did everyone use when you first got your pups? I know these guys will probably be heavy chewers! Thoughts?
  2. Porcheesy

    Porcheesy Well-Known Member

    Kong toys... black color are strongest... nylabone toys are very good as well
  3. Courtney H

    Courtney H Well-Known Member

    My dogs destroy kongs! Nylabones are the only toys they don’t destroy.
  4. Joel

    Joel Active Member

  5. Joel

    Joel Active Member

    Thanks, Yea I had A Kong for my Border Collie and she destroyed it, basketballs, soccer balls, she destroyed them! Lol
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  6. Porcheesy

    Porcheesy Well-Known Member

    Nylabone then
  7. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    It is a little bit trial and error with any dog to see what they like and what can withstand their chewing. lol And of course a puppies needs are a bit dif than an adult dog. I like to have teething type toys for puppies (not to be left alone with them though). I also like to have soft snuggle type toys with puppies (also not to be left alone with). Jolly horse balls for adult dogs (they love them). Nerf football (for dogs) is a favorite also. But both of those are out door only and I dont leave them alone with them or things get destroyed and chewed up.

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