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Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by Smokeycat, Jul 29, 2015.

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    This past weekend I took Jiggers out to the mountains (too hot for Kryten) and went on a couple of hikes, no pictures as I forgot. One of the hikes was quite busy and despite the tight trail he was behaving very politely and not trying to say 'Hi' to everybody. This was an incredible feat since he is a true social butterfly. Part way up the trail we ran into 2 horses descending. I was only able to get him about 3 feet off the trail and you could tell that these gigantic creatures were scary and he did not want them anywhere near either of us. Despite that the only thing he did was a minute lunge forward (he was being held tight) and a low, quiet growl. Of course one of the riders tried to chastise me for allowing the dog to frighten the horse so I told him to keep moving as the horse was scaring the dog. I think it wore him out however.
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    Good times!
    Horse people are very defensive about their horses, last year deer scouting I was scolded by a horse lady for leaving my motor running as they passed by even though I had pulled off the road and completely stopped for them.
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    Sleeping hard!

    We used to get horses coming down our street, they were used to the dogs yapping and running around them. That is until we got Cane. Haven't seen them in a few years. They haven't realized Cane is gone. I hope they start using our street again. I miss seeing them.

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