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People of the uk please read this

Mooshi's Mummy

Well-Known Member
People of the UK I am writing this thread to ask you to PLEASE safeguard your dogs if you think there is the smallest chance that the yare a pit bull or even a pit bull mix. Unfortunately the UK does not allow these dogs to exist under BSL and it is a cold, hard fact that if you are found to have a dog that is a pit or pit mix your dog can b eseized and taken from your home or even off the street whilst walking down the road.

Case of Lennox and his terrible fate: http://savelennox.com/

If you don’t believe me then watch this: [video=youtube;KHwe4gt8LV8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KHwe4gt8LV8[/video]

YOU as the owner of the dog are 100% responsible for PROVING your dog is not a pit or pit mix, if you cannot prove this is not the case in acourt of law your dog will be put to sleep, end of story!

PLEASE take this seriously and do everything in your powerto ensure you have a long and happy life with your beloved companion.

I dont want to scare monger but would you rather not be safe than sorry?
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Mooshi's Mummy

Well-Known Member
Oh ya! They dont mess around here in the UK with banned breeds at all. If they say your dog is a banned breed and you cant prove other wise, they kill it, end of story, no questions asked. You're dog is dead, good night and thank you very much.


Well-Known Member
Don't forget that in two recent cases the dogs in question where a black lab/ staffie mix and boxer/ lab mix. The so called experts they call in to make ID's have usually never seen a Pit in the flesh or talked to a Pit Bull breeder.


Well-Known Member
Let see how they react if they tell them one of their beloved ones will have to be put to sleep....