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Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by lizzy_troy, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. lizzy_troy

    lizzy_troy Well-Known Member

    I know what the breed standard says, and a simple online search will confirm it: Dogos are white.

    That being said, can they ever "throw" a different color?

    I know of a rescue that recently got a litter of Dogo puppies. Three males, all white (with a few small acceptable markings), and three females that are the exact opposite. They are black with a little white. I didn't think this was possible. The rescuer said that he has rescued more than 500 Dogo and Dogo mixes and that it's rare for them to throw a different color, but it can happen since they have so many breeds in their genetic background. He said that she has all the Dogo traits (the body structure, temperament, etc.); she's just black. He saw both parents, purebred Dogos. It was an eviction of a backyard breeder situation. The owners said that the dogs were always together, so there's no way another male could have mated with the female. When the rescue first took them in, a family from Argentina fell in love and fostered all 6 of the puppies. They said that they looked sooooo much like the Dogos in Argentina, even the black ones.

    I emailed Ulises, the Dogo guy from Argentina, and he said that it sounds like the parents were NOT purebred Dogos. I sent him the pictures I got from the rescue (didn't have them at the time I first emailed him), and I am waiting for another reply...

    I am not interested in adopting one of the pups, just interested in the whole "Black Dogo" thing, since I am doing research on the breed.
  2. redlove

    redlove Member

    I have seen Dogos with large black/brindle markings on their heads and even one with a patch on his bum, but never a solid black/mostly black Dogo.

    Even with all the breeds in their background, I think it is unlikely that they would pop up after such selective breeding for such a while.

    Interested in what others think.
  3. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    I saw the same pics and these pups are not pure.

    I posted on the Dogo forums, just for shits and giggles and this is what I got......"Genetically you will NEVER see an all black Dogo because of the piebald gene. The ONLY way to breed an all black purebreed dogo would be to linebreed/crossbreed (sister/brother, mother/son, etc) the most patched crosses you obtained off each cross and mating them back to each other and it would take SEVERAL generations or more to do this."

    I personally have had and been around Dogos for 20 yrs and have never seen or heard of a black Dogo.
  4. lizzy_troy

    lizzy_troy Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! I have been trying to find an explanation of the color genetics for Dogos, but haven't had much success. The "color game" for any breed of dog is fascinating to me! I looked up merle pitbull genes once, that was a doozy!

    Here's what Ulises said in response to the pictures: "Lo que puede suceder es que la perra, haya sido cruzada con 2 machos diferentes, un dogo padre de los blancos, y un perro negro padre de los cachorros negros." Loosely translated, he said that what probably happened is that there was a dad for the white pups and a dad for the black pups. Unless the original owners were with the dogs 24/7, they can't say for sure that this didn't happen.

    I just love research. If I could research things for people for a living, that would be awesome!

    Anyways...Thanks for your input!
  5. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    no problem, I totally agree with Ulises!!
  6. lizzy_troy

    lizzy_troy Well-Known Member

    I just thought it was neat that I "went to the source" so to speak. I didn't really expect a response, especially such a quick one. :) I hope to save up some money and get a great (white, haha) Dogo some day.
  7. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    I hope you do!!they are truly awesome dogs ^_^ always nice when that happens.

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