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North Carolina bill filed to restrict multiple breeds


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A bill has been filed in the North Carolina House of Representatives that would restrict the ownership of several breeds of dogs. HB 956, a bill to “Regulate Ownership of Aggressive Dog Breeds,” proposes an amendment to North Carolina’s dog … Continue reading →



Well-Known Member
This is the narrow minded, knee jerk reaction that makes me CRAZY. WAYYYY too many holes in this legislation. And you and your dog may be involved. Keep an eye on this. Are you from N. Carolina? I'm sorry for you. Make your voice heard, for YOUR OWN DOG'S SAKE.


Well-Known Member

I encourage all pet owners regardless of breed to review the bill mentioned. I doubt it will gain enough strength to pass, but you never know. Our congressional members pass the most ridiculous bills to make people think they are working! Please take time, regardless of your breed to email the two congressional members your thoughts.


My letter to the two who proposed the legislation, and to the other congressional members in our state of NC:


I would like to encourage you to rethink 2013 HB 956. I understand that there are increasingly more reports in the media of people that have affected adversely by animals, both wild and domestic. Your bill implies that all of the breeds listed are predisposed to aggression period with no implication of effects of its environment involved in creating their temperament. While I think your interest in preventing animal bites is just, your focus in on the wrong issue. I have owned giant breeds for over 20 years, specifically English Mastiffs, I know the breed intimately. I spend thousands of dollars on proper training, healthcare, socialization and do everything possible to promote preservation of the breed and responsible pet ownership.

I ask that you re-evaluate your list of proposed changes and make corrections that do not punish the breeds listed nor the responsible citizens that own and love the breeds listed and that you instead focus on creating laws that actually punish the criminals that mistreat, fight dogs, chain-them, neglect, train them aggressively, and punish these lovingly gentle breeds into being submissive or into aggressive posture for their own benefit. There is a vast difference between a responsible owner and the thug you see in the news using his pit-bull for gang fighting or to portray himself as "tough". These people need to be held accountable for their actions; the dogs being used are forced into lifestyles that are opposite to their personality traits.

Instead of punishing a family or restricting them from owning one of these loving, gently dogs in the future assist in preserving the American Tradition of keeping a loving family member. Our great country is becoming famous for rewarding criminal behavior and instead punishing the victim. A slap on the wrist or a few months of probation is not punishment, instead it is worn by these thugs as a badge of honor and the only person left hurting or dead is the poor used dog.

I can point you in the direction of hundreds of responsible, loving pet owners that you have the opportunity to represent in a good light, not by rewarding their wonderful behavior by removing their rights as pet owners but by promoting responsible ownership, true breed preservation, and punishing those that continue to persecute these animals. I invite you at any time to contact me, visit my home and interact with my Mastiff. I have in 20 years never met a mastiff I could not approach and hug at first meeting!

Thank you for your time,


Well-Known Member
Quick update! I have spent the last fifteen minutes chatting with Rep. Moore's office, to my surprise! Here is one small excerpt from our conversation:

-----Original Message-----
>From: "Rep. Rodney Moore" <Rodney.Moore@ncleg.net>
>Sent: Apr 18, 2013 2:20 PM
>To: 'lynn touw'
>Subject: RE: 2013 NC HB 956
>Thank you for your comments Robin. HB 956 will not be taken up.

Even though the bill is dead for this session, Please consider taking a few moments to email the two congressional leaders I've listed and ask them to push for actual punishment for animal cruelty, neglect, fighting, misuse, etc. Thank you everyone!


New Member
I have a 18 month old English Mastiff. He would not harm a flea, if he had one. The breeder I got him from had a yard full of Mastiff's. We walked in that yard first and all we got was bunches of kisses. This law should have never listed a Mastiff. My Dudley never meets a stranger