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Newbie TM Intro:)


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A very quick intro (to loose my lurking status:) We've recently picked up our new little Tibetan Mastiff pup and we couldn't be more delighted with her! We've been reading the posts here almost daily and have already picked up on so much information. Looking forward to learning lots and lots - we're so fascinated by this little dog- The decision was a long time in the making but we definitely made the right choice:)


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Thanks for all the lovely welcomes:)

Here's some pics of Tully so you can put a name to the face:)

tully baby.jpg


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    tully 5.jpg
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We're in nsw australia:) We bought her off a lovely breeder up on the north coast;)

We met a tm breeder many many years ago at a show and were always going to have one one day. We've had english in the past and think they are such wonderful dogs, but the life expectancy was our deciding factor in finally getting tully- that and the kids are all a little older.

We also have a lovely old setter, a choc lab and a lab /poodle mix so the kids have all been raised around animals and they're old enough to understand the importance of raising her carefully;)


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I know a few folks down there lol, and IIRR at least one of our other newbies with a TM is from Aus. If you don't want to say thats fine, but I am curious who she's from!

cinnamon roll

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Super Moderator
Would love to see pics of your other pups too!! Wow we have had a spurt of new tm owners the last two weeks. :)


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The Setter is Calvin and he's our 9 year old grumpy grand dad who is fantastic at teaching any new pups manners, the Poodle X Lab is Murphy who is 5 and was our attempt to get the kids a smaller dog when they were younger - he just didn't stop growing:) and Sam is the choc lab. He's almost 2 and used to live next door however couldn't cope being away from our boys when his family moved so lives with us and goes home every second weekend - he's our communal dog:)


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Hello, she's beautiful! I'm as curious as Ruth to know which breeder, just recently we brought a pup home from the same area :)

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