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New Puppy


New Member
Two weeks ago I got an English mastiff puppy and we have walked off access to the front of the house for her. The current area includes the living room, kitchen and back door. She does well with not wanting to get out of the gates but she often plays with our other dog and trues to jump on furniture. I am thinking about getting a large play pen so she only is able to do those things when we can prevent it. I fear if she continues to play and jump she could risk hurting herself and causing issues down the line. She has a crate but I’m thinking a play pen of when I’m home but can’t always be in the room. If anyone could give guidance as to whether it’s a good idea or not, that would be great!


Well-Known Member
Welcome! X pens are great for many dogs. They make an extra tall one too. It's always easier to prevent undesirable habits and behaviors from forming than it is to try to stop them later.

Loverboy Skyline

Well-Known Member
A play pen might be a good idea if you're there to supervise. However, the ones I've seen are probably not suitable for when you're out of the house because it might be a big mess when you come back. I still rely on a crate for that until they are fully house trained.