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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kyle S, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!
    Got Baynes nails cut today and got a weigh-in.

    He turns 8 months old next week,
    Currently he’s 175-180 (scale was bouncing) I’d say closer to 180.
    Currently 33 inches at the shoulder. Sitting down top of his head is 38 inches.

    I noticed last few weeks he’s calming down. Sleeping more. Being a lazy boy. Took him on a nice walk today in the city and people loved him. Called him a horse. No one could believe how young he was.
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  2. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Here’s a photo of him today :)

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  3. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Look at big boy Bayne! What a sweet face. It seems like just yesterday when he was just a a “little” pup! So happy he’s growing well and strong. Love seeing his pics and reading his updates.
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  4. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    He has the sweetest face. He is just the sweetest boy. He’s so calm and gentle. You can sort of bug him or just kiss his big face and he just stares at you. Leans in for another one hahaha.

    One thing I would like to ask is when did you guys notice your pup slowing down in food?
    I’m not sure if Bayne doesn’t like his food anymore or if it’s just cause he’s slowing down eating but before he would always finish 12 cups of food by the end of the day. Now within the last couple weeks it seems like he’s just lazy and he’ll eat between 7-10 cups. I give him all 12 still but often he won’t eat it. He eats a lot right before bed. Sometimes looks like he’s only ate 2 cups of food till right before bed then he eats half his bowl and gets him to 7 cups.

    Just wondering if he’s just slowing down growing and not needing as much food. Or if he’s bored of this food?
    It’s a chicken flavoured food. And he loved chicken though. If I pull out a chicken breast for him he gets super excited.
  5. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Here’s a nice photo of his side.
    Just turning 8 months 180 + lbs :)
    He’s such a loving boy. He loves to be hugged. Or scratched or petted.
    before bed he’ll go and put his head on my chest and lean it against my head and I rub his head for him before bed. Then he’ll go and bump me with his big nose as like a thank you.

    He moves slow, everything he does it’s like he’s in low gear, And he often stands in the way. Or lays in the way. But he’s amazing.
    I’m hoping he doesn’t get too much longer. I noticed yesterday he fills his whole bed out.
    He has a 40x60 Orthopaedic memory foam bed for his big bones but when he lays on his side his butt goes to one end and his nose sticks off the other just slightly. Wish I could’ve got him the 40x70 I wanted to but it was a $400 price difference for the extra 10 inches :(

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