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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Pollyanna, Apr 11, 2021.

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    Good morning i got my first cane corso he is 8wks old. The breeder told me to take out his ear posts Monday clean all the crusty and clip the first few stitchs leave it off till Friday clip the rest of the stitchs and repost. What do you all use to repost and how long go i need to post his ears. I am a nervous mama right now i dont want anything to happen to him and i asked my vet but they dont deal with ear crop. Any suggestions would be great thanks

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    Well, congrats on what looks like a handsome Corso!

    It looks like the breeder is using backer rods as posts. That's the method I use (I only have Doberman ear experience – ha).

    So, I agree with cleaning out crusties. I don't think this means removing any scabs from the incision lines though. Those should be allowed to fall off when they're ready to. Really, you don't want to cover, with tape, any spots that are not healed; so it's a bit of gamble to put tape over scabs.

    I'm curious what the breeder meant by "the first few stitches." Does this mean the ones near the tip? The ones near the base? I would think they would specify, as they are asking you to clip specific stitches.

    Again, I only have dealt with Dobe ears, but I would use backer rod (readily available at the hardware store in the aisle that has the caulking). For a young pup, you will probably need to choose one of the smaller diameters. Actually, bring in the backer rod that came from your breeder and you can ask someone in the hardware store what diameter it is and you should get that diameter for now.

    I am a huge believer in letting the ears breathe as much as possible, which means using as little tape as possible. You see the ears completely encased in tape a lot but that traps in moisture and traps out fresh air. Now, with a Corso crop being so short, it might actually be hard to not have the ears pretty much covered by tape. But the standard practice for Dobes is one piece at the tip, and one piece low by the skull. The best kinds of tape are Johnson & Johnson Zonas Porous, and also Kendall Curity. These are known to breathe well.

    Corso owners are fortunate in that the length of time they have to post is vastly less than that of Dobe owners. This is one of the reasons I am giving up on Dobes. I'm so tired of having to post for 7 months+. So I don't know how long a Corso needs its ears posted. I've heard that some stand on their own even, but do not bank on that! One thing to know is that when the pup goes through teething, there is a chance the ears could fall (The formation and growth of the adult teeth takes minerals and energy, and leaves less for the ears). So I hope others with Corso experience will weigh in. With a Dobe, you have to post at least until the adult teeth are pretty much fully in.

    Any more questions, just ask!

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