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Nervous cane corso


New Member
I have a lovely cane corso who I’ve had since 11 weeks. She came very nervous and scared of life! i am struggling to muzzle train her as after visit to vets the vet hurt her only doing her job as touched sore part of leg and she reacted, only gave warning but we can’t take risks with visit to vets so they won’t see her without muzzle totally understandable. She also runs in at full speed when she is interested in anything people or dogs. I now have trainer in to work with us both. However we are struggling to muzzle her as she gets so stressed. Do you have any advice on which muzzle would work best for her and her face shape as this may be the problem? Bless her we managed to get her to vet for pre op to be spayed and vet doesn’t want to touch her as her heart rate was so high she may loose her on operating table.
now desensitising her at vets, managed to walk her round an weigh her which is huge achievement for her. Still shacking like made.
Any advice gratefully received