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    Hi I have a 15month old neo and at the moment he is starting to show signs of aggressive behavior for example when I took him to the vet she got down to have a look at his mouth and he growled and then lunged at her. He is a very spoilt boy that's my doing, however he is very attached to me to the point if any of my family members come close he pushes himself between us, I can get him to sit and come to his name when he wants to and he listens to my commands at home but he wont listen to others and if he gets out he takes off, he has had a go a other dogs and I think this is the outcome of me taking him to a dog park when he was a pup and he got swarmed by the other dogs, I have booked Loki in to get him neutered hoping this will help, he is such a lovable big boy and I would like to be able to take him places with out the worry he might hurt someone or another dog, as well as get some tips on how to train him at home . cheers Bree
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    I'm sorry you're having these issues. My strong suggestion is that you consult a behaviorist and a force free trainer for an evaluation and some help. If you can share where you're located I can try to find a fear free veterinary clinic and a behaviorist and trainer in your area. Fear free/cooperative care clinics are amazing for dogs with behavior issues and reactivity. Makes going to the vet much easier and safer for everyone.
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    A vets must be a scarey place for them, i take mine as pups every month as they are growing, just for the social , even justvto weigh them, no one can resist a pup, so plenty of people around, but one of mine didnt like the touch of people all the time but at least he see it wasnt a scarey place,
    I agree with boxergirl, id get some help,
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    Be careful with him and never get him in a situation where you can't control him. I don't know what state you live in, but some states like California have what I think are very unfair rules regarding aggressive dogs.

    Dog parks in the US typically have mostly neutered dogs. Neutered dogs can be aggressive towards young intact males. I think the theory is that they are not used to the scent of a young male with high levels of testosterone. They feel challenged, and those pheremones set them off. So neutering can be a good idea, not necessarily because it makes your dog less aggressive, but also because it makes neutered dogs less aggressive to him! I've been going through similar experiences with my Bullmastiff. He is a little over 2 years old now, and I'm thinking about neutering him just so I can take him to parks and doggy day care. He has never attacked another dog, but the neutered dogs that I had to step in against were really scary. These dogs included Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, English Mastiff, and Dogo Argentino. I'm not scared of dogs, and I actually kicked a few of them in the head, but I know better than to push my luck.

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