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  1. Hello!

    My Dogo Argentino puppy just turned 1. I dealt with skin issues since she was 3 months. I feed her really high quality dog food ( Orijen, Acana, and Zignature) and she still has issues. I have paid for an allergy test and she is allergic to dust mites but the numbers we’re very low. Not enough to warrant allergy medicine. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for raw feeding? She is about 80 lbs.
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    My dogs are on raw.... My oldest dog of 9 years old had issues too with scent glain infections. The vet wanted to do surgery with only a 50% chance it would help.
    I switched her from the vet recommended food I bought from the clinic to raw chicken greens and squash.... That was 2 years ago. She hasn't had that issue since the change. I buy it from a family owned business here in Brantford, Ontario Canada. Everyone always says my dogs coats are so shinny and soft..... I've directed other owners to her that they're dogs had skin hot spots and shedding like crazy.... They're dogs within a couple weeks show no sign of these hot spots, more playful,less shedding. They say you should feed them 2 to 4% of they're body weight.
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    Do you add any fish oil to the dry food?
    We had to add about a 4x human dose of fish oil (I've used either salmon oil or just "fish" oil, capsules from Costco) to get Denna's itchy skin to go away. We're not sure what her deal was. She was itchy as a puppy - but not enough to concern any vet we talked to - itchy on any food we tried (grain-free and chicken-free included) - but it slowly went away with the fish oil... and going to raw... not sure which eventually did the trick, but fish oil (animal based omega-3's) is a great place to start.

    My suggestion about raw feeding: Do It! You won't regret it!
    Of course, I'm a control freak, so having complete control over the dog's diet makes me happy... and Denna loves the fresh food, too. :)

    There's a sub-forum here on raw feeding under the "diet and nutrition" thread. Lots of info there.
    If you do an internet search on "whole prey model raw", lots of websites will pop up with help.
    This is one I like:

    I put together a spreadsheet when I got started feeding Denna raw (she was about 6months old when we moved her from kibble to raw) - to make sure she got a balanced diet (80% meat / 10% bone / 5% liver / 5% other organ). From that, I've learned my EM is a lazy butt. She gets about 1.5% of her adult weight (versus the 2-3% recommendations), and needs less bone than the standard numbers (7% instead of 10%)... but that's just her. I also do add some veggies for Denna... to regulate poop size and consistency... but again... that's a Denna thing. You might not need to do that, most dogs don't "need" veggies. :)

    Denna also rarely sheds, and always shines. :)
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    Thanks for sharing this information, as well as the link to the website. What are some of your strategies in terms of affordability? Based on the 2-3% rule and my EM‘s estimated adult weight, I would be looking at 4-6 pounds of raw meat per day, which is a lot!!
  5. Thank you for this information!

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