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Do u refer yourselves as "mum" and "dad" to your fur babies... im new to this lol so was a bit surprised when my partner referred me as mum to our fur lady lol

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No I don't. It actually makes me cringe when someone else refers to me as Jiggers/Kryten's mommy.


Well-Known Member
Not really, but I don't really like "owner" either, haha. I don't mind when people use mom, but I never call myself a dog mom. It's hard to think of this giant guy as a baby!


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Yes, about 50% of the time... Denna knows who "Daddy" is as well as who "Dave" is... (it's the same guy). :)

But, if anyone asks me if I'm Denna's "Owner", my answer is an emphatic YES. For legal reasons, you never want to be "just" the animal's "parent" or "guardian".

Courtney H

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Yep... I'm "momma" and my husband is "daddy". Not really sure how that started, but they are our babies.


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I guess we are mom and dad. But I don't call myself their mom when talking to people becasue, well, they're dogs and not kids. It just happened after so many years of being mom and dad to our kids and their friends (yes, they all call us mom and dad). Even though our kids adults now, we still call each other mom and dad. Or butthead. Lol. So yeah, we're mom and dad but just because that's what we call across the house to each other and the dogs know that as our name. If my husband called me by my real name I'd think I did something awful.