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Discussion in 'Tibetan Mastiff' started by TMmom, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. TMmom

    TMmom Well-Known Member

    One more question. Will there ever be a time when my little angel-kins stop chewing on everything in the house?
  2. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    I think Apollo stopped chewing at about the same age his temperament hit. So 2-ish.

    What saved my sanity: we started giving him sticks, and firewood. Seriously. Every time we caught him chewing on something in appropriate we shoved a stick in his mouth instead. The splinters sucked to vaccum out of the carpet, but it saved my funiture!
  3. Doggyhelpplease

    Doggyhelpplease Well-Known Member

    I hear that one is TM dependent....could be safe to leave them around at like 8 months or maybe never. That last real issues I had with chewing was when she was in heat at 10 months...she took out some drywall. Today she has full range of the house and has for over a year (well not basement) and she is pretty good unless she gets trapped in a room or she will get herself out but causes dmg while she does it. She hates be confined.
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    Apollo was reliable to leave out of his crate at 9months, but he still destroyed many sticks for a good year after that. These days he doesn't shred much of anything.
  5. TMmom

    TMmom Well-Known Member

    Good, I leave her out now when I am home and its anything she can find to chew on. When I am not home she has my sons bed room and she chewed half way truth door. I've given her bones to chew on but I will have to get some firewood. LOL. I had her fixed at 6 months so, I guess maybe with age she will grow out of it.
  6. looby73

    looby73 Well-Known Member

    Our 2 have pretty much outgrown chewing indiscriminately but if there's paper or cardboard left in reach then that gets shredded with wild abandon!
    Oh and we have to leave the TV remotes way up high if we're not in the room, 6 Sky remotes in 6 months!
  7. TMmom

    TMmom Well-Known Member

    LOL. Now that's funny. I can tell when my girl is on a mission to find something, you can just see it in her face and when she puts her nose down and starts sniffing everything, I know she is going to get something.
  8. Catia

    Catia Well-Known Member

    Tessa is MUCH better, but if I'm going to be gone more than say an hour, I do still crate her, as she is not fully trustworthy-and she's more than 1 1 /2yrs.

    Wood is her favorite, & for the whole 1st year, I had to use a shopvac in the house. Now sticks/driftwood/logs are her 'outdoor' toys--thank god she accepts this.

    Tessa's issue is dirty laundry particularly skivvies & socks--so I can't even take a quick shower & leave then on the floor for a minute.
  9. TMmom

    TMmom Well-Known Member

    Boy, what is it about the undies. Here too, no clothing can be left on the floor and she even tries to steal the clean laundry as I am folding it. Especially the boys socks, ugh.
  10. broccolini

    broccolini Well-Known Member

    Athena has been fine out of the crate since about 5 months. She's always been very good in the house. She never touched shoes or furniture. So as long as we had all the pencils out of her reach, it was ok. She loved pencils. She did chew the window sill during her first heat cycle, but that was it.

    D'Argo hasn't been in a crate since about the same age. He's actually more destructive when we are home. He'll just walk around and grab everything and destroy it. The top of my piano is full of stuff that doesn't really belong there because it's one of the few places he can't reach. He eats shoes, furniture, cats, the carpet... He also likes to dig through the garbage. Sometimes I have to put the garbage can on the dining room table. I think once he realizes that he's big and athletic, he'll be able to get up there.

    Oddly, when we leave the house, he just seems to sleep. Mostly.
  11. TMmom

    TMmom Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I keep my trash can on the kitchen counter for that reason. Laufey is out of the crate and good also when we are out, but when we're home the little angel is at her worst. I will have to replace the carpet and door in my sons room and the wood sill on the door outside. Yikes. I give her large chew bones but she can't have them out in the common house area due to her resource guarding.
  12. trolltm

    trolltm New Member

    We have had 5 TMs. No. 1 grew up with five other dogs, one older female flatcoated retriever took little Khan under her wing. He also grew up with indoor and outdoor cats. Plus, he was taken to the town park to meet other dogs. In addition to all that, we walked him a great deal in the country. He grew up to be a wonderful creature-self assured and aware of every thing around him. He was the only contestant in the '09 Westminster TM judging that did not have to be dragged at some point around in the ring. He made no. 5 in '08 in 21 shows, beating the eventual no.1 dog twice in the '08 TM Specialty. Champion Aujudon's Emperor Khan was a special TM
  13. Myre

    Myre Well-Known Member

    I had the pleasure of meeting Khan a few years ago. He was a beautiful dog.
  14. david sak

    david sak New Member

    I had a dream of owning a little puppy and I made it. Do not neglect to adopt dogs from shelters.

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