Mr Lupo.. on the monkey hunt

Discussion in 'Photography & Artwork' started by Elizabeth Balcomb, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Elizabeth Balcomb

    Elizabeth Balcomb Well-Known Member

  2. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh my. He's beautiful. I'm a brindle lover. My girls make fun of me because I inadvertently decorate my house in brindle. And tend to dress that way too.
  3. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oh my hes stunning, brindle is also my favourite, my eldest is a brindle
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  4. Elizabeth Balcomb

    Elizabeth Balcomb Well-Known Member

    Brindle my favorite too!! I had an Africanis cross greyhound who was a tan with grey brindle, he recently died,and my parents currently have a dog who is tan cream grey and black brindle.. such a beautiful dog. Mix breed. Brindle expresses a lot in the Africanis here.
  5. Elizabeth Balcomb

    Elizabeth Balcomb Well-Known Member

    He is just the most gorgeous dog, he is so attached to his family and only wants to please. So easy to train. Very sensitive boy . Not high energy in the home. Totally loves kids. Our 10 year old neutered italian greyhound loves to hump him in the late afternoon, and he is totally unfazed.. doesn't mind at all. He is a gem. Probably my favorite dog in this life, I don't think there will be another that I feel so connected to and happy to be with.

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