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Minnesota to fine for fake service animals


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I just mentioned that this was a problem in another post. I thought It was just mebeing cranky. Lol

It's a huge problem. My daughter recently had an issue with a very large and well known business in the area denying her access with her dog. The first time demanding to see papers and certification was frustrating. She contacted and met with the executives and took them the ADA laws regarding service animals and was assured that the employees would be retrained in proper procedures. It happened two more times. Completely unacceptable. And yet they let in other animals simply because they had bogus paperwork.

On the flip side sometimes things go very well. We were just at Costco and every person there was respectful. Parents explaining to their children why they couldn't pet the dog and what a service dog was. Striking up conversations from a polite distance so my daughter could explain to the children why her dog is different than their pet dog. She gets more questions than someone with an obvious disability, and she's very willing to educate people.