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  1. Justice2017

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    image.jpeg hey all
    Quick little run down for you guys. Iv had my heart set on a bullmastiff since the passing of my last friend, a German Shepard who I grew up with from the age of three till 19years of age. Life took over, a fiancé came along, and so did 3 children! 11 years later a lot of searching, a lot of patients and perfect timing! The new new addition to the family....... this is my shoe stealing, sock taking catch me if you can new best mate JUSTICE. HIS 14 weeks old weighing in at 41lb :) healthy big boy
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  2. Boxergirl

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    Welcome! Justice is a handsome guy. I look forward to watching him grow.
  3. kingmark

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    Welcome to the forum say hello to little guy :)
  4. Michele

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    Very handsome!!

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