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  1. Oscar'sMom

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    I'm so so sorry to hear this :(. Mateo was the most handsome boy and a true gentle giant. My heart breaks for you! I loved hearing Mateo stories and seeing pictures of him perched in benches. Oscar and I send love and prayers
  2. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Such wise words....thank you. Indeed, the tears have not stopped, not the pain lessened-and it's been one month today since I lost my boy. But, I do feel him, his energy around me, near me, at times. And that is a blessing.

    Hug and love your dogs tonight, friends! Because you never know when you might suddenly lose them...
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  4. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing Mateo with us through words and pictures.

    What a gorgeous puppy, who grew up into a very handsome gentle giant of a companion for you to love, cherish, and share a part of your life with.

    I have had to say goodbye to seven much loved dogs in my life, and six kitties, and several birds, one in particular very dear to me, and the one thing I can say, is that it never gets easier my dear. BUT, it's worth it, and as the days, weeks and months pass, the pain does become more muted and less intense, as time weaves her magic and heals our hearts.

    What I tell myself, is that it's the years of loyalty, devotion and love, that really matter. The days filled with fun, challanges, and laughter, the adventures you've shared, the silliness, the play, the quiet times, and the love, always the love.

    When the time is right, a puppy will come into your life again and wrap itself around your heart, and you will set out on new adventures, and start another chapter.

    Our hearts, are wonderful that way, allowing us to love again.
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  5. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Yes, so true. I do believe that the quality of our moments with those we love, whatever form they take, is what is most important, rather than the number of days they are with us. Because--- it wil never, ever be long enough, will it?

    Thank you for your words. I hope that someday, maybe, there will be the right puppy /dog to enter my life again, as I would rather live life with a dog than without. It will take time, though...
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  6. Elana P

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  7. powergc

    powergc Well-Known Member

    I haven't been on the forum much lately and I can't believe that I missed this. I am sooooo sorry to hear of your loss. Mateo was such a handsome boy and I always loved seeing your photos and hearing Mateo stories. I hope to get to NY someday day and had always imagined meeting him in the park. You two had a one of a kind bond, he will be with you always, and I am sure that he knew he was the most loved dog in all of New York. I hope you are doing ok... life is a hard road to walk without your best friend. Thinking of you. xoxoxoxo.
  8. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words....they mean a lot to me.

    power, it is, indeed, a "hard road to to walk without your best friend." Everywhere I turn, everything I do, reminds me of his loss. There is not a square inch of this city, my neighborhood and beyond, that doesn't remind me of Mateo--- we walked everywhere, shared so many things together! And walking through the streets of this big, bad city without him by my side, is just hurts.

    Mateo made life happier. For me, yes...but also many others who got to know and love him. He touched so many lives...

    Friends, lovers (past and present) help a lot, but can't fill that void... something about the bond we shared, there are simply no words.

    It's been a month now, and I am still struggling to find a "new normal." I'll be okay, though. I'm finding my way through... xxo
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  9. Jakesmum

    Jakesmum Well-Known Member

    Oh my god! I've been away from the forum for a while and just saw this. I am so sorry! I loved Mateo and always looked forward to the posts an pictures of his adventures. My heart breaks for you! I feel your loss, we had to let our little old senior kitty go this week.
  10. Bailey's Mom

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    Dear Suzanne, when I saw this two days ago, I broke into deep sobs. My husband was asking me what was wrong and and all I could says is "Mateo is gone." All I could see was his face flashing through hundreds of pictures you have posted. He has been a source of joy to many of us. Your love for him was obvious: a deep, mutual river of love flowed between you.

    Every time I logged on, I looked for your posts. I felt like I knew him personally, and I felt lost. A giant is gone...and I'm crying again. My favourite two pictures keep leaping to mind, though others rush in, too. Mateo snacking on a Barbie doll he found on the street...looking very pleased with himself, and him sitting partially in your lap at a park.... Joyful days at the beach, and others perched on a bench, just drinking in the New York vibes. We were all enriched by his presence here.

    I cannot comfort you because the loss is too great, all my words fail me, though believe me, I know this pain. It isn't that it passes, but it mellows...the storm in your soul subsides, and all that is left is laughter (sometimes with tears) and much thankfulness that his life was paired with yours.

    May God bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you...and in time, may He bless you again with the love of your life.
  11. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member

    So extremely sorry for your loss.

    No words can express how much I am sadden to hear of his loss. They leave so big a impression on our heart and our lives.

    When the time is right trust what marke said it is well worth it to do it again, our big boys and girls are like no others.

    Best Wishes and you are in our prayers.
  12. Th0r

    Th0r Well-Known Member

    So sorry for your loss!

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  13. NYDDB

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    Bailey's Mom---- your words are so touching, and so straight from the heart...and I thank you. My own tears don't stop for very long, and maybe they never will. Something about the loss of this boy, I cannot explain---- more painful than any other that I have been through (human or animal.) It just is.

    But, I would not change a thing. I feel so incredibly blessed to have shared a chunk of time with him on this earth... and by most accounts, he seemed to have enjoyed himself. :) I guess, in the end, that's all that we can ask for....
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  14. 7121548

    7121548 Well-Known Member

    Oh no, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I loved seeing pics of Mateo--always such a happy boy. My heart just breaks reading this thread. Sending many mastiff-sized hugs to you.
  15. Daisy2015

    Daisy2015 Active Member

    I loved seeing pictures Mateo , he was such a gorgeous dog. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have been through this a couple of times myself and my heart goes out to you. That's the only trouble with dogs and especially Mastiffs , they never live long enough.
  16. mcarrel

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    I am so sorry it took me such a long time to see and reply to this. I can't imagine the loss. what a wonderful boy he was and so well loved. I remember when Kronos and I joined these forums how I loived to see Mateo on his adventures.

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