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Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Rojafreckles, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Rojafreckles

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    We Recently took a trip to the vet and Graham was being difficult. They had to sedate him in the room and then four of us pick him up and put him on the table.

    If something happens at home and he can't get up, I'm out of luck. Besides purchasing an actually stretcher for my 160 pound dog. Does anyone know of any other products that would be somewhat easy for me to get him onto and then transfer him into the car.
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  3. Boxergirl

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    Four people and a good quality blanket, sheet, or something similar. Maybe a moving blanket or a tarp. I've used this method to move large animals before. It's not easy, and you need to make sure you have enough people to not drop the animal, but it does work.
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    I've got a helpem up harness but like mentioned before they do need to be able to move somewhat on their own for it to work. A dog that was unable to move on their own would require a group of people to lift. The surgeon for Kryten's last surgery said it took 6 people to lift the stretcher when he was asleep.
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    When our 199lb dog (Rott/GSD/Pyrn mix) had what looked like a stroke, we used a towel under his belly and two of us to walk him to the car - he held on long enough to get in the car and get to the vet. When the car engine turned off at the back door to the vet, he sighed his last breath. He took good care of us, until his very end. If he hadn't been able to walk just the little he did, it would have been really, really hard to get him in the car.

    We had an autopsy done, it was 'cancer of the everything'... with total system failure that morning. The vet was amazed he had not showed more signs of pain or discomfort. Going back through pictures, we could see a glaze to his eyes starting probably 3 or 4 months earlier, but unless you knew to look for it, it was easy to miss. :(
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    I'm so sorry DennasMom. It is such a sad story to hear...your hearts MUST have broke over the loss of your brave boy. They do try to look after us, don't they?
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    Oh my that is very sad, and amazing..... These Masfits are extraordinary creatures..... I'm pretty sure that when the saying "mans best friend" it was some kind of mastiff.

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