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Look who is coming to live with me :)


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Not sure what her name is yet... probably Sakura. She's in Japan right now, only 7 weeks old. I'm pretty excited. :)


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And awesome, it'll be cool to have someone with a Tosa around to answer the occasional question!


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Thanks all!

This was an unexpected thing, I've had my friend searching for the right Tosa litter for me for years. I had some kinda strict requirements... He found out about this litter two weeks ago and so we have been mulling over it to figure out if we should do it or not - timing is a bit odd for us. But, we decided to take the plunge.

haha... Well that is what makes the timing so odd. I still want a Dogo, I just have to convince the wife to agree to a dogo and a tosa... :pray:


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Here is a video of Kochi no Kurozakura-go (高知の 黒櫻号) aka "Sakura" in Japan at my friend's place (that's a Shikoku Ken puppy she is with).

[video]http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200978979780855&l=559970692780331867 5[/video]

Still trying to figure out how to get her here...