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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by BattleDax, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. BattleDax

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    Okay, I'm going to try to keep this initial post short and to the point and get right to it.

    The Corso is at the top of my list for my next dog. Yes, I know there are many many other things to consider in choosing a dog (health, temperament of course of utmost importance). So pardon me in advance if this question seems simplistic or amateurish; but my wife and I are experienced dog people and we are middle-aged and know our lives well and what fits into our lives and what does not.

    Simply stated:

    Is the Cane Corso a breed that whines much?

    Is the Cane Corso a breed that barks a lot – IN PARTICULAR, AT ANIMALS?

    I know each answer may be preceded by "It depends," and that's fine; but please kindly offer us your experiences and knowledge.

    There are different types and lines of Corsi, yes I know. I've seen that specimens of the breed vary pretty widely. Tell me what type you're talking about when you offer your experience on the above questions.

    Our working Doberman is extremely whiny and extremely barky. I have worked as hard as possible to keep it under control, but it's a real bear to manage. I hate to admit it, but 98% of the time he barks at the front window of the house it is at an ANIMAL. What a completely useless behavior that actually detracts from his usefulness as a guard dog.

    Well, thanks in advance for your input, everyone!
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  2. Patrick

    Patrick Well-Known Member

    Okaaaay.. I will shoot my shot.
    My male Corso is cut with Boxer ( Magic) is only whiney with my wife.... she got in the habit of letting him go outside around 2 or 3 am !!! He didn't need to go use it... he wanted to go play.. He would goto her side of the bed.. he knew what he was doing. Lol
    I had to break her from doing it to break him.. Magic is 2 yrs old and most certainly can hold it !! I started getting up watching him... he just ran around playing with my female Corso Xena ( she is what most would consider Old Rustic Corso.... cut with Neopalitain Mastiff). Xena is never whiney... but if you open the door she wants to go outside no matter the time. Magic did whine when we kept him separated from Xena during her heat cycle!! He actually howled !! I had never heard him do that before or since....lol
    They both bark when the doorbell rings.. I like that they do that. They really don't see other animals from inside the house. Not many animals around my house. They certainly bark when in the yard and they smell or see a stranger... I know when they bark someone is going by my fence.
    Xena will be 10 months old in a few days, but she is the most aggressive of the two. Magic has the PERFECT temperament !! He is the most loving dog I have ever had. He is laying on me in my bed as I type this...lol. BUT .. I can give him the command and he turns into an EXTREMELY vicious fellow. He knows when and how to protect. I have to work more on socialization with Xena.. She is constantly looking up at me to see if it's "GO TIME." Mahic and I goto home depot all the time.. people stop us to take pics and pet him... he loves it... Xena not so much.. if not she will growl and bark. So true to form... the Boxer cut is more friendlier than the old rustic Corso... BUT.. they can be trained to be the way you want them to be .. Training is the key !! START TRAINING ASAP !!!
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  3. BattleDax

    BattleDax Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Patrick. That's very informative and helpful and is much appreciated!!

    Now, let's keep the information flowing, folks! :) If there was a sponge emoji, I'd use it. I'm a sponge over here looking to absorb in order to make the most informed decision possible.

    I see the Corso is by far the most popular dog here on Mastiff-forum so I know all the knowledge I need resides here.
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  4. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well iv got 3 ccss, all males,
    I cant say much on the animal side as the uk doesnt have that many roaming, we have domestic cats, if they dare come close its war. They are trained with the enough command and they stop.
    All my boys are indoor dogs, no whinning unless they hear something outside untoward, then its a short whine, then geowl then bark, gaurding is spot on.
    Anyone coming to the door they bark, near property out back they bark, but with training this can be stopped once your sure its not a threat.
    We started training the day we got them, our eldest was stubborn, he did it because he had to,, hes an extreme gaurder, loyal and loving to family, hates dogs out of his pack, the middle one is a great gaurd dog, aloof with strangers, youngest one is gaurding and a complete goof ball.
    Id never suggest getting same sex ccs, its took a lot of time and work, which we have, it can go wrong.
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  5. BattleDax

    BattleDax Well-Known Member

    Thank you, glen! Very informative and will help a lot!

    I'm quite relieved to hear that your CCs don't whine without reason. Their barking sounds quite reasonable as well.

    By the way, when I refer to barking at animals, those animals can be domestic or wild. The most common reason our current dog goes into what I call Nuclear Blast Barking is someone walking their dog on our street. The second most common is squirrels. But it can be a cat walking anywhere within his sight out the windows of the house, or it can be deer (Yes, we have a ton of deer all throughout our city neighborhoods here. It's surprising).

    Yes, I have him trained to the command that means be silent – make no noise with your vocal cords; So, when he explodes into barking, I just have to say the word once (if he hears me – ugh) and he is absolutely expected to cease.

    His extreme whining? I cannot train him to not do that. I believe one of the reasons is that dogs do not always realize they are whining!

    It's great to hear of the natural guarding tendencies of your CCs. That is what I want. And yes, I do absolutely want my CC to bark at people – only when they are walking up toward our house and of course if they are on our porch. That, I will encourage if they do not do it naturally. But I will also teach them to be silent on command. As I understand it, a well-bred Cane Corso is very capable of learning these things and being biddable enough to perform them.

    Your advice regarding SSA is appreciated. No way would I, personally, house two of the same-sex dogs of a serious guarding breed. We intend to wait until our current male Doberman dies before we procure a Cane Corso.
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  6. mmmcc

    mmmcc Well-Known Member

    my experience: my cc is 3.5 yo now and he TALKS! he whines to express what he wants and it could be annoying. Never had so expressive dog before!
    Second: he barks more on animals outside than people, LOL. not a big protector. My other dog, black russian terrier, is a real protector and if she barks I run to see what is there.
    But our corso is gorgeous dog ........
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  7. Richie

    Richie Active Member

    I'm disappointed with how much my CC barks. I live in an area where there is a lot of space between houses and he barks at neighbors across the street, next door, several houses down... it doesn't matter; if he can see them he is barking. Even if he see a squirrel he will bark at them also...

    I was hoping he would only bark if someone or something came into the yard...It was cute at first but now that's he's older and louder it's not so cute anymore.
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  8. apollo92

    apollo92 Member

    My Cane Corso is not whiney at all. The only time I do hear him whine is early in the morning when we wake up and he hears my wife upstairs he may let out a whine or two as he waits by the bottom of the stairs to see her.

    As far as barking goes he is very quiet, the only time he does bark is when someone is on our property.(which I am totally okay with him alerting us- they are a guardian breed and I feel it makes him happy as if he has a job he’s doing lol)
    Even if we are on a walk and a dog starts yapping at him he will just give them the stare, he rarely barks back.

    I also want to add my Cane Corso is only 5 months and this has been my experience so far.
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