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Discussion in 'Memorials' started by babyblu1998, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Two and a half weeks ago, I had to put down my best friend. King was my pride and joy. He has helped me get through so many situations and was always the best shoulder to cry on. He was a silly boy in his younger days for sure. My children grew up with him, especially my youngest. Leland (my youngest) took naps on him, played with him, learned to crawl by getting his tail and so much more. He had a bond with all 5 of us in our home. I had figured I would have to put my boy down at the end of summer as I knew his hips could not do another Michigan winter. They went bad until them cold days. I wasn't prepared however to wake up at 5am to my best friend having a seizer. He was in my room against the door seizing. I was freaking out. When he was done, he couldn't get up. I laid with him calming him down for several minutes while he caught his bearings. He struggled to get up, half of his body wasn't working. He was foaming at the mouth and there was just so much blood. It was all from him biting his tongue. I noticed several things about him as he paced around and knew my boy had a stroke. That about killed me to know he was having a stroke on the floor in the dark by himself. I was on the bed but didn't know. Several hours later, two more large seizers and several small ones I was on the floor at the vet holding my boy. My husband laying his head on our boys head so the vet could put the needle in his arm. I lost it when he took his last breath. I knew I would take it hard when he passed but this was unbearable. The drive home was short, but that empty feeling walking into the house with no excited friend to great you was the worse. And even worse was looking around the house at all the blood and slobber all on the walls, floor and carpet. Headphones in, crying my eyes out I scrubbed away for hours. I had to get the blood up before my kids all came home from school. That was the next bad part, telling my kids 15, 13, 8 that we had to put him down. The 15 year old cried for days and days, the 13 year cried for days and started having panic attacks at school, the 8 year old started peeing his pants because he said he didn't know how to express his feelings and he just missed his brother so bad. I walked around non stop with headphones in and cleaning. I took rooms apart and cleaned and would do it again. I didn't sleep for the first week because every time I tried to lay down I would cry and get hysterical. My husband came home from work every day changed, ate and left. He would come home at some crazy hour and sleep a couple hours and head back to work.

    I knew things would be bad as king was our kid and a brother to my human kids. We treated him no different then the human kids. I never knew things would be this bad. Our families couldn't figure out what to do, not that there was anything to do. We missed our boy so bad.

    It's the things that once irritated you that you missed. The snoring drove me nuts, but let me tell you, the silence; oh the silence is the worst!! I miss the snoring so much. Showering when the kids were at school meant keeping the door open unless I wanted to hear crying at the door and constant head butting. Showers are so quiet and boring now.

    Or the things you don't think about. The day he passed I made half a sandwich that night. Wasn't hungry but knew I needed to eat. I couldn't swallow much of it, threw the other part on the floor to the right of me.. Realized what i did! My boy was not laying there like he always had been.

    My dad called to check on me one day. A few months back he had to put his dog down. He said I know you don't want to think about it, but do you plan on getting another dog. I said of course another mastiff just not soon. He says don't wait do it right now. I told him it's not that easy, were not ready, we have to research , get on waiting list etc. he said well do it because it's the only way you guys will start to heal. I said okay, long story short, two days later we were driving to the next state to pick up our new boy. We went as a family so everyone could see if it felt right. Not only did it feel right, we all had a smile on our face! It was the first smile in over a week. We filled everything out, paid and on the road we went with our new boy .

    So here I am now. My boy king has been gone two and half weeks. I still get choked up about it, but it's not all the time. We have had our new boy tank for a week and a couple days. We are all starting to heal as a family and coming back together again. We enjoy this new puppy so much! And bonus for me the kids are older this time so I have help. LOL. Not that I want much help cause I find myself babying this boy like crazy. I can't help it! But I did that with king as well so really it's no different! King is back home with us, his ashes are sitting on a high shelf in my bedroom (his favorite room if mommy wasn't home) along with his collar.

    Sorry this was so long but it really felt good to finally tell people about my boy and have someone understand how our family fell apart over our boy.

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  2. Siloh

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    I'm so sorry for you and your family's loss. It sounds like you all chipped in to give King an amazing life and like he was an invaluable member of your family as it grew and grew up. Rest in peace, King.

    "Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so."
    Hamlet Prince of Denmark
  3. babyblu1998

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    So true!! That was people don't understand is he wasn't just a dog to us. He was my son. He was a brother to my 3 kids. Even when we bought a new car (mini van) my one request was stow n go so my boy could go along with the family!

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  4. BeckyN

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    Y'all were lucky to have King as he was to have y'all. They are Family! Lots of people don't get that. I do. They are my children. My Mastiff and I are developing an amazing bond as these are amazing dogs. I'm so glad you have gotten a new pup and he is doing well with the family. It hurts so bad to lose them. I've lost 3 elderly dogs over the past 5 years. It never gets easy and always hurts horribly. May you'll find peace in the wonderful home & life you gave him.

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  5. DDSK

    DDSK Well-Known Member

    I truly feel your pain I have been in that situation before also and your Father had the best advice to you and your family.
    I had two dogs, siblings from the same litter that grew up with my boys and had to be put down two weeks apart.
    The pain of losing these two family members was intense and shared by the entire family.
    I could not bare to come home to an empty house and yard it was so silent and lonely.
    Two weeks later we were off to pick up a new puppy, she healed our family from our heartbreak.
    I'm sure my two fur boys would have approved, they would have wanted us to be happy and healed.
  6. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    BeckyN- yes they sure are family. It's so hard to explain the breed with people who just don't know. I know all dogs are special , and all families who own dogs and actually want to own them get it on some level, but unless you have actually owned a mastiff , they will never completely understand. Yikes I can't imagine losing 3 in 5 years. Yuck!!! Thankyou! I keep telling myself that we have him the best life possible and he was spoiled rotten! Lol.

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  7. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    DDSK- I wasn't sure but my
    Dad doesn't often tell me what to do or even give much advice, he doesn't want to be that in your business type of dad. So when he said it, I'm like okay you have to put some thought into this one for sure. I'm so glad he did cause we had talked about it as a family te day before and the kids all freaked out saying no way. So when I explained to them how grandpa felt, they all relaxed some.

    Omg!! Two weeks apart! I'm so sorry! I don't know how you made it through that one. I truly don't know how.

    It's nice to know that someone else jumped as quick as we did . We kept saying king probably thinks wow look how fast we replaced him. But then I started telling myself, nope! King knew better than that. No one could ever replace him , and I knew he would be so sad to know we were struggling so bad with it, which is why I believe the pup who was just what we were looking for popped up like that. It was kings final gift to us. He helped us once again find a way to heal each other.
    I'm so glad you guys healed as a family as well. Were still in the process but a silly puppy sure helps!

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  8. musicdeb

    musicdeb Well-Known Member

    RIP King~ Losing a family member is very tough. May you and your family find peace~
  9. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

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  10. Milton Meathead

    Milton Meathead Well-Known Member

    Such a heartbreaking situation and you really poured your heart into your words. I couldn't help but bawl my eyes out as I read this. All I kept thinking is that one day our family will be in your shoes. RIP king....I think you guys did what was right by getting tank when you did. After all....your family has a whole lotta love to give

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  11. fdchampion

    fdchampion Well-Known Member

    I'm so very sorry you guys had to go thru that. It sounds like King was a wonderful Furbaby and was very lucky to have a family as loving as you guys are! I feel the same way about my furbabies...It would kill me if something were to happen to one of them.

    So very sorry for your loss...RIP KING
  12. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much. King meant the world to us. I think about him every day. Tank has helped so much with the grieving process though and I love him so much too. I am so glad we got him when we did. I hope you have a long time before you have to wear them shoes, they are extremely painful .

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  13. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    Yes he was!! Thank you! I hope your furbabies stay around for a long time!!

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  14. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Well-Known Member

    I am not the highly emotional kind but while reading your story I sobbed like a baby. Thank you for sharing with us. The mere thought of losing mine can reduce me to tears immediately. I have been telling Ruger since the day I brought him home that he will just have to live forever because I can't imagine life without him. Now I have added Magnum and the same rule applies to him. I am glad you were able to find a baby that could help you heal.
  15. babyblu1998

    babyblu1998 Well-Known Member

    I would love for them to live forever!! I still miss my boy everyday!! The puppy is awesome and I love him to death too, but I still miss all the special things my previous boy did! On a side note this boy we have now is complete opposite then our other boy was ! We stay on our toes non stop with him! So much energy and he's so dang smart!!

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  16. Leigh McGowen

    Leigh McGowen New Member

    I am reading this in an effort to heal from the passing of my sweet boy, Stanley less than a week ago. I am going through the exact same feelings of grief and loss and hope that they will subside....and soon. Words cannot express how special these mastiffs are and there is nothing to prepare you for the moment you come home to their absence. Enjoy your new dog!
  17. 7121548

    7121548 Well-Known Member

    Oh no, I am so sorry for your loss. I too wish they could live as long as us. King was a handsome boy and I'm glad you had each other.
  18. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    The halls echo don't they? It took me 30 years to commit to that pain again. I'm glad you could make the trip sooner rather than later. We got our girl when I was 57.5, I did the math, 10 to 12 years max, and that puts me at nearly 70. I don't believe I could start again at 70, so, Bailey is truly my heart dog. We will probably see each other to the grave. I have been so blessed by the love and trust that she gives me. She would follow me into hell and hate it, but she would come to be by my side.

    The day at the end of life is difficult for me to think of, I am still stinging from letting go of one of my grand-puppies and I see how fragile my daughter is and how she clings to her remaining dog. Dogs Are The Best Creatures. They Are A Blessing Of God. In Fact, if you don't believe in God, a Dog will help you believe. Faithful in a way that most humans fail to ever rise to in their lives...and when they leave your side, it isn't of their own volition, it is their time and you can't hold them to you because you will see them suffer.

    When our pets are suffering, we give them the most painful gift we can, we set aside our own desperate needs to keep them and we let go, we let God, and we pray to see their faces again on the other side. It is all we can do...we must believe we will see them, hold them, caress them again.

    Peace to you and yours,

  19. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I almost missed your post here at the bottom of this one as it's a pretty old post. Maybe make an intro post of your own (unless I missed it) and tell us about your Stanley, I'd love to hear about him if you're ready to share him.
  20. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry for your loss Leigh. Sending you virtual hugs. <3

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