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Just some advice from any other cane corso owners :)


New Member
Hey, so I have a 1 year old male cane corso he’s like 55kg currently, he’s so good on his lead I use treats he listens to me really well, I have a harness for him, he gets quite excited sometimes like with other dogs not when their just walking by cause he’ll just sit down and wait until they go past or whatever but if they are actually interacting with each other he’s not aggressive or anything just wants to play but he’s so strong like he will start pulling and he basically drags me along , I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice like if there is a certain type of harness I could get? Or anything really, or is it a case of getting stronger lol, he’s the most calmest like beautiful soul ever the best dog ive ever had even with training he’s so good, but he’s obviously going to keep growing and his parents were massive, and I don’t know what else I could get just to give me that bit extra control? I’ve attached a photo of him & me so you can see how big he is compared to me , Thanks in advance :)


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I use a herm prong collar. My corso does wonderful on it. There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to properly use them. Make sure to buy a herm prong collar rather than a cheaper one at a pet store. Pretty simple to use start walking in a direction do a turn and give a little tug on the leash very quickly they learn you turn they should. I never had my dog make a squeal or yelp . You don’t have to yank hard . My dog walks right aside of me with no issues. The one person I have watched was The Dog Messiah on YouTube some of his early videos he shows how to use a prong collar and it’s on a lot of corsos.